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  1. Deary me. Are you really comparing rape victims not saying what happened to them, to a spouse etc turning a blind eye to the fact that they're other half is a murderer/rapist etc?! The two don't even come close to being comparable. PS you clearly are victim blaming.
  2. Would you have it any other way!?
  3. They do already as the boy melamed, or whatever his name is, left.
  4. DD1903

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    All done for Some likes on social media
  5. Youve slotted in nicely. Well done
  6. I never got to see them live. First album was class. They're follow ups very good as well
  7. Yeah they're v good. Sadly they split up during the last year.
  8. It never fails to amaze...
  9. If they've not been attached to a team, they can be signed and played. If he's coming from a team, can't be registered til January. see Niall McGinn when he returned...
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