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  1. DD1903


    Have you checked the date on that?
  2. Who, that claims to be itk, has said he's lost the dressing room?
  3. Yeah, the passing was a lot more positive. Hopefully continues
  4. DD1903

    In The News

    Yeah, because they've taken such heed of the arrests and court imposed conditions they've had applied to them... they are back out pretty much the minute they're released.
  5. DD1903

    In The News

    Well done in sticking to your guns, fridge
  6. The commentators also speak more sense than the red TV guys...
  7. So far, it looks like we were a bit more direct in this game Less sideways passing and more forward balls into space and feet. Anyone that was there confirm this? Hard to tell on the tv
  8. They're really crying in the inside though
  9. Nice to get a win. Got the game recorded from Alba, so will watch this afternoon.
  10. DD1903

    In The News

    So put your knickers on, and going make me a cup of tea
  11. Well, he's claimed he get the final say on recruitment, so that is part of his job. Kudos? He should be in trying to sort this mess. He's made such an arse of it, he's having to do the extra work. He clearly doesn't want to be seen as a failure. Fair enough. However, he can come in and look at 'the data' and try to get the 'message' about these different things across to the players every day, but the simple fact is, no matter what hours he puts in, it won't matter until he sees the light and changes his tactics.
  12. He could say it after moving the players on, but not whilst they're still there. They'd down tools. Tbh, I don't think a chairman should be discussing that area at all
  13. Now now. I was called a hun by the strange guy that obsesses over me, for suggesting we'd be beaten this weekend.
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