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  1. Motherwell announce that, an hour later the rangers announce you can pay 8 bangers to watch their POTY awards
  2. I don't have the attention span to note minutes though.
  3. The name, and the sub-forum it's in
  4. I'm not expecting every signing to be an international. I've never said as muc. I expect signings to be better than JET though. He's not good enough
  5. What games you basing this on? The two against us?
  6. Exactly. Offering more than Curtis main isn't a reason to sign someone either
  7. He's rotten. Look at his career stats. Two decent games against our pish poor defence isn't a reason to sign a player
  8. But he had 2 reasonable games against us!!! So he must be good!!!
  9. It's been called/known as 'hutchy' for years.
  10. I disagree. He's been garbage for months. Slow, poor on the ball and looks shit scared half the time. some thought he'd be in the epl... lolz
  11. He was shite at left back for us. He's barely played at left back since he left, so what makes you think this is a good idea?! Square pegs in round wholes again!? It's this kind of approach that has held us back for years.
  12. Hoban is pish. Not that I've seen any of Clark robertson right enough. its only a rumour, so not going to shit the bed like you have
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