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  1. He’s hardly going to call them a wee diddy club, is he?
  2. My point is that the government pushing for this independence are the ones that are partly responsible for this situation. You mentioned Scotland being sparsely populated, it will take time and money to get the proper infrastructures in place to support the immigration being mentioned above
  3. A government more concerned with independence ?
  4. It is sparsely populated, but is incredibly short in terms of housing. there is literally dozens of hotels in Glasgow alone which are rammed full of homeless Scots, never mind the the hotels housing asylum seekers.
  5. Block him. Did it ages ago. Him and FnD. What's a difference it makes
  6. Thought it couldn’t get any worse…but! The worst thing is he managed to whoosh you the other week!
  7. He’s the character of a panic buy? do you mean ‘definition’ ?
  8. You’ll just have to put up with me passing comment on it each time you mention it, ‘min’…
  9. Yessssss! Turnbull clear out hasn’t been mentioned in at least a day…
  10. Aye a move to another club for nothing…instead of asking for a fee
  11. Well, they’re dead, so that doesn’t matter really…
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