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  1. My mate said Goodwin would be away by November when he was appointed. He's now Reviewed this to October
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    In the News

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    Hook. Line. Sinker
  4. You cannot believe he’s still here? He’s still here as he is absolutely rotten and no team is daft enough to take him
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    Casual Racism

    Vanilla Rice
  6. Maybe, but he's got no role to play at Aberdeen FC
  7. Only one man can answer that…
  8. If you said the sky was blue you would be making some sense though. Not just posting nonsense like you do usually
  9. It's the entire board, not just a small 'clique'
  10. It's not the standard, but the gulf in cash that's created this, that is the issue
  11. Otherwise they may fail the medical. Keep falling over and that
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    Pet Hates

    In fairness parky, the sports you mention don't directly compare themselves. For example...Remember the Brazilian female who was declared the highest ever scorer in world cups, including Mens' ?
  13. Maybe he is the man to fill the IMPACT SUB role that we've so desperately needed filled since big Josh left!! Wooo
  14. This letting them walk the ball to the half way line is really working well. Fuck me
  15. It's just quadrupled in value. At least
  16. Just imagine how much the jacket he wore when he met @The Boofon will get at auction then!
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