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  1. My fear is that playing 3 kinda 5 at the back is going to slow down an already glacially-slow attacking side like ourselves, and 2 kinda 4 in midfield is going to see us swamped by teams who might want to stick an extra midfielder in there. Every player we pull back into defence leaves us weak further up the field, and while we might be conceding fewer goals just through weight of numbers at the back, with only one opportunity-starved forward up top we may very well score even fewer goals. Assuming this is what Glass does. Which he might not, anyway. Carry on.
  2. Here's the download link Furious Anger
  3. A bit of furious rage never did any harm. Shakes out the cobwebs and clears the air. Might also put the fear of god/Cormack (I'm sure DC considers them the same) into the players.
  4. Hey, a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane, remember.
  5. I was in a meeting when I realised Cormack's interview was happening, got up and walked out on it without even saying I have to go... so I missed the first half of that interview. He was already raging when I opened the link... did he start off slow and build towards a furious rage, or was furious rage how he started? I need to hear the whole thing, because the second half was gold.
  6. That was pretty exciting. Cormack sounds like a man on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and it sounds like he's digging his heels in on Glass... So that's not good.
  7. This cunt Steve Wilson from the Aberdeen Supporters Club needs to stop referring to Sevco as 'Rangerss'
  8. I thought Cormack might sound Americanised, but he sounded like a fermer fae Kintore. Albeit one with a billion dollars.
  9. The proof of the pudding At the end of the day Responsibility that comes with that Need to be patient. Went from raging to platitudes.
  10. Is anyone recording this, or will it be available online later?
  11. Stephen Glass doesn't read the newspapers? That's a weird thing to know about someone else.. "Went through the prawcess"
  12. "80% of the managers that applied for this prawcess!" Cormack Bingo
  13. Is this going to end in fisticuffs?
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