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  1. Speaks to the quality of people running Aberdeen that despite decades of oil wealth flowing through the city, the city itself has done nothing but decline.
  2. And have you print them off and sell them to some eccentric Brazilian art dealer for a bazillion Escudos?
  3. If it helps alleviate your concerns, we've previously smashed Bayern, Hamburg, and Real Madrid on our way to European glory. As for things going on behind the scenes, we've just put in state of the art training facilities, and are definitely, absolutely, 100% guaranteed getting a new stadium in the immediate to very long term future. All we need is all the cash to build one.
  4. Today I had a case of the shits, but what made that noteworthy is that I had a runny shit in an almost perfect shape of these United States, including the Floridian peninsula and New England. I've previously shat out a near perfect Flag of Islam, so my arsehole isn't new to creating interesting and unusual fecal art. Just wondering if I can sell the pic as an NFT.
  5. Ke1t

    Pet Hates

    I did once see a car in Aberdeen with a sticker that read, "My other car's a bucket of shit, too."
  6. Ah... welcome to The Hat, you dear, sweet child of the Summer.
  7. Ke1t

    In The News

    What the fuck is this meant to be, now?
  8. Unless they're dietitians with a time machine and access to experimental-strength Rogaine, I dont think they could, tbh.
  9. For the weemin's sake, I hope not.
  10. Game over, man... Miller's team lost, but he was able to waddle off under his own steam, so that's victory of a kind.
  11. I should point out there are women on these teams... it's like watching a Special Olympics blooper reel when they get the ball.
  12. Currently watching two sub-pub league teams sclaff a fitba round an indoor pitch. Fat auld cunts in too-tight shirts wobbling around on the edge of a heart attack. I'm having flashbacks to my youth, trying to outmuscle some wheezing, bronchial (terrific as a dinosaur) 400lb car salesman with a fag in his gob on a pishing day of rain .... ...oh fuck... some fat auld lad with 'MILLER' on his back just went down hard, with a sort of "EEEEEERK!" noise. 80/20 against him ever getting up again. Thoughts and prayers, Miller
  13. TE had a tune, I DONT WANT A BOMB IN MY BACK GARDEN, which a chum of mine thought was hilarious to roar in response, "WELL FUCKIN' MOVE!" each and EVERY time it was sung. EVERY fucking time.
  14. Dual Citizen, tax payer, property owner... it's very much my business
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