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  3. Too often he pisses possession away when under no pressure, or loses possession through either lack of concentration of just being muscled off the ball. Then we're immediately on the defensive. One of JETs goals against us last season came exactly from Hayes being dispossessed by JET, who then passed the ball off to a team mate and moved into a position where he could receive the return pass and score. Hayes was posted missing that entire move. He used to terrorise defences down the left, but now when he gets the ball you're immediately looking back down the field to see if there's cover for if/when he loses the fucking ball. Has Matty Kennedy learned how to cross a football yet?
  4. Ke1t


    I've killed seagulls and I'd do it again. I regret nothing.
  5. That hammers home just how fucking bad McInnes was in that last year in particular.
  6. Agree with Tosh... brilliant team performance. Except Hayes. Hayes is shite.... FIVE YA CUNT!
  7. Compared to last season we've an abundance of strikers, though. McGinn could manage the last 10 minutes, surely.
  8. Yeah, barring our arses falling out we should progress. They're not a great side.
  9. Only one team in this now. JET'S a fucking star.
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