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  1. Douglas Ross, the only leader of the main parties not brave enough to stand for election in a council area. He's a fucking fanny of a man.
  2. There was absolutely no way Alba were going to succeed with Salmond as their leader. It was complete arrogance on his part to lead them, his popularity was at rock bottom given how he has conducted himself in recent years. His arrogance and need to be centre of attention cost the party. No one else to blame but Salmond.
  3. But in South Scotland it may have given them two instead of one and the majority they were after.
  4. I know how it works. But if you were to add all the votes for Alba or Green to the SNP totals in each region, surely that would increase the number of votes once it was divided by constituency number?
  5. You could argue that those who voted green or Alba split the SNP list vote which could've given the SNP the couple of seats required to get a majority?
  6. No wonder the club is considering a blue strip for 2021/22 season, it'll go down well with the natives. Rule Britannia.
  7. West Aberdeenshire proving once again it's a Tory hotbed. Embarrassing.
  8. First time I have not voted green. SNP 1 & 2. Green when we eventually get independence.
  9. From ladhar bheinn or luinne bheinn?
  10. I am going for looking towards Beinn Sgritheall with the Cullins behind.
  11. Always happy to support the Moroccan Children.
  12. I trust this season ticket wasn't purchased today? I'll come over and say hi next season
  13. You had your opportunity, you came back with a ridiculous counter bet and now you're backtracking when you've been exposed. But fuck it, prove you bought the season ticket for next year when you implied you did and I'll send you £20. You use to be good value back in the day, but I am starting to think you have weak / small shoulders.
  14. There you go folks, the response which proves what we all knew.
  15. I'll bet you £20, you don't have a season ticket for next season. Get proof posted and I'll get the money wired to you. You have 24 hours to post the proof.
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