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  1. He does have weak looking shoulders.
  2. Devlin died a few seasons ago. Where have you been?
  3. Credit where credits due, hard fought win and probably deserved. Watkins superb. Notable mentions for Brown and McCrorie.
  4. We will batter the hibees with shots (off target) and possession, but will loose 2 nil. Ron Gordon will then phone his best pal Cormack and say how that's the best Aberdeen team he has ever seen and is baffled how Aberdeen didn't win. This result will undoubtedly put us top of the possession table with our sights firmly set on automatic champions league qualification. It's all about stats, not goals. We just need to remember that.
  5. I don't know what's more worrying, the way the club is currently being run or the fact many seem to continue to lap up the nonsense Cormack spouts. He tried to deflect the issues by blaming the media and picking fights with those questioning him. Are folk that gullible or easily pleased? We are in an even worse position than originally thought if many seem happy with the way Cormack handled himself on the radio. Fans blindly following Cormack as he steers us towards relegation.
  6. If he is writing off this season why did he give Glass a 12 month contract?
  7. The fucking dim wits in our support will be lapping up the pish he undoubtedly comes out with. I can see the back slapping he'll get on Twitter already. 'Stick with it Dave we believe' 'ignore the haters Dave your doing great' 'Rome wasn't built in a day Dave, Glass will fix it' 'We love you Dave'
  8. Frank Lampard with Jody Morris assistant.
  9. Tend to agree @Millertime since Cormack has come in we have regressed at an alarming rate. I still feel McInnes's time had run its course and a change was needed but, I do wonder just how much Cormack's interference contributed to McInnes's downturn. Probably a lot more than I gave it credit for at the time.
  10. Based on Cormack's records so far, then yeah I think Milne did better, which just highlights how fucking embarrassing Cormack has been. You clearly see something in Cormack, that'll change in due course. The man is bad news, been saying it since day one.
  11. Like spent £1million pounds on Hernandez? Like carrying out a rigorous interview prawcess which unearthed an outstanding candidate which just so happened to be his best pal? Like appointing Gunn as the DoF? I hate to break it to you, but Cormack's an arsehole.
  12. It's fucking scandalous that people keep asking Cormack to sort this mess out. He created the mess, it's him we need to be getting shot of. Getting rid of Glass is not addressing the real problem, yes he's out of his depth and needs to go. But Cormack and Gunn need to be following him out of the door. The sooner people see through Cormack's smarmy buzz words the better. The man is liar and is taking the piss out of us, the clever ones can see through him for what he is. But unfortunately there is still a high number of Aberdeen fans who dance to the tune Cormack plays. Things will not get any better as long as Dave is running the club.
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