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  1. Nope, normally an email every couple of weeks, only a cunt would unsubscribe and I'm no cunt.
  2. I still get spam emails from the Moroccan Children's Trust after that bet.
  3. It should be Cormack GTF. It's no coincidence we have been rancid since he came to town. He needs hounded out of our club and a good hiding. Prick of a man.
  4. Agreed Shoofta. Aberdeen is a fucking miserable city.
  5. No real loss to be honest, everytime I have seen him play he looks pretty limited. A poor man's Bruce Anderson.
  6. Exactly this, Cormack loves a bit of nostalgia. Shame that's about all he offers.
  7. That's funny as I could've sworn our esteemed chairman brought in Glass as manager and clearly paved the way for Hayes to return. My recommendation is don't trust a word 'Big Dave' utters.
  8. I don't think so, both are compulsive liars taking mugs for a ride.
  9. Cormack reminds me of Boris Johnson. Can't be trusted, but still folk think he can do no wrong.
  10. Are you supporting Rangers tonight Frankie?
  11. Make him train with the reserves.
  12. I have to be honest Ramirez has been a bit of a let down, aye he's scored a few goals but I can't help but feel he is pretty limited and not someone who's going to improve. I'd cut our losses as think the money could come in useful. Him and Watkins must be similar age and Watkins offers so much more. Stick with Watkins punt Ramirez.
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