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  1. What's new then? There always have been.
  2. Hesgoals have no agendas. They just stream what's available.
  3. Still no evidence of where any consistent attacking threat is going to come from.
  4. The gulf is just too big. Will do well being best of the rest.
  5. Too soon for too many players in the team today. Very much a work in progress. There are signs that the squad as a whole will be an improvement. Just need to get them operating as a team.
  6. So we could sell him for a profit? Seems to be the way, now.
  7. Kennedy was like a new signing yesterday. Hope he can maintain this performance for the rest of the season.
  8. Agreed, such moronic attitudes are all too sommon here, unfortunately.
  9. Kennedy MoM. Peterhead goalie had a good game. Roos had virtually nothing to do. Good result
  10. I had high hopes for this game and expected to see a bit of a goal fest. Not so far, but if they score, maybe that will release the pressure.
  11. It's on Premier Sports, good deal for £9.99 a month.
  12. Definition of Hun a member of a nomadic central Asian people gaining control of a large part of central and eastern Europe under Attila about a.d. 450 Is that when they found their way to Ibrox? Crazy !!
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