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  1. We might just scrape a win in this game and Glass will be lauded from the rooftops for his tactical genius and exciting display of footballing talent.
  2. Have players lost the ability to beat a man and take the ball past him. They take the easy option now and lay it off with a pass back. It's very boring.
  3. The players seem to have been completely brainwashed by the emphasis on possession above all else. To see Bates pass the ball forward 20 yards only to have it sent straight back to him time and again almost became farcical. Glass needs to wake up to the fact that his tactics are stifling the team. Who are they trying to kid that this is the new exciting brand of fottball. If they believe it they are totally delusional. The first half last night was diabolical. Lazy and gutless lack of effort was all we saw. Cormack is a disaster in the making.
  4. Willie Miller said in the pre match buildup on radio that Aberdeen should never be in the bottom 6 and any manager who gets them in the bottom 6 should be sacked. GLASS MUST GO
  5. The co-commentator on Redtv says it like it is. He calls a spade a spade.
  6. Forgive my criticism, but on this evidence Glass just hasn't got a clue.
  7. Yet another debacle. We keep hearing that we have a great squad. No evidence of that with this performance. Slow and laborious with no end result.
  8. As always money talks and we never tend to make as much on selling players as the papers say. We did well with Cosgrove, although it might have been in stage payments depending on appearances. Ramsay ought to be worth a lot more. Just hope we dont let him go too cheaply
  9. He's not brilliant and will probably never will be. But he doesnt deserve the amount of stick he gets on here, There's a lot worse and I'd give him another contract.
  10. Yes, he is becoming increasingly vulnerable.
  11. Please, Mr. Glass, where are these rapid attacking movements, or is that when Hayes launches it in the hope someone is there for it.
  12. Maybe one of these days.................... maybe
  13. If it looks like a fish, and smells like a fish, it is a fish.
  14. Perhaps our standards and requirements are so high that no loan players will ever be good enough for us.
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