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  1. The boy Stewart looks shite. Hoping it's a settling in blip but something tells me it's nae. I'll give them all the benefit of the doubt for now, there's been some hints of promise going forward but we're shocking at the back still.
  2. A tidy wife and a change of position doesnt mean we'll take yon useless lanky bastard back for a 3rd time
  3. I cant believe I stay away from this mad house for a couple of years and when I come back you're still having the same shite conversations based on your book of fabrications. Any time before week 7 and the thing is no more alive than your average garden plant. Same thoughts, awareness... plants are more advanced, they can feed themselves. At about 8 weeks a sense of touch is formed. That takes it to about the level of a Venus Flytrap. I'm guessing you've never given your missus flowers CS. You wouldnt want to murder a living thing by picking it out of its flower bed now, would you? Now we've cleared that up for you can you put your anti-abortion placard away in the indi thread and get back to spouting shite about how great Britain is and how poor little old Scotland would be without big mamma engerlund sitting underneath us making sure we dont just slide down into France. Ta muckle.
  4. If we're going to play Goodwin's preferred 4-2-3-1 I'm still looking for the 2 of the 3 in that formation and a LB We've no creativity in midfield and from all reports yon Ramadani is an other to break up the play. Cant have McCrorie, Barron and Besuijen behind the striker, we'll create fuck all and its putting an awful lot on Besuijen to do with only the likes of Kennedy and McLennan to back him up. Dont want to go into this season with Kennedy and/or McLennan as automatic first team picks because we dont have any other options. Need to get both Ronan and McGrath or 2 similar in just to get this squad to a point where we've got a decent first 11.
  5. Just saw S4 of Westworld is on. Might give it til its finished before binge wanking, sorry, watching it.
  6. I'm 47 Wife is 23 She's getting a bit old for me now though. Time for a trade in.
  7. Ach good luck to him. 3m for a player we paid 250k for ain’t that bad either and we’ll hopefully get a bit more when they flog him. decent enough player. Did ok for us but I’m sure the training will be a bit more cheerful without his silly puss bringing it down.
  8. SNP doing indi no favours with the huge £2bln black hole in the finances this year. Speak about handing the opposition a nice big stick to beat you with.
  9. Always ended up out of pocket as well as my face when I did that.
  10. I’ve bought a place in St Lucia to retire to. Should be over there in the next 12-18 months
  11. Most your lots had to shout about in the last decade or so is winning the chumpionshit twice, the London patient and the New York patient and even one of those has now died. aids ridden cunts. My prediction for your lot, judging by your recent history. Mid table this season, probably best of the rest, sacked manager by March, relegated next season. At least you'll have another chumpionshit title run to look forward to in 2024 and you might be able to celebrate yet another runners up medal in a cup. Mind you I'm guessing thats deemed a success down your way. Why else would you be shouting about an average attendance thats only 2000 more than ours in a city thats got 2 1/2 times the people in it. Aye, thats a roaring success that is. Good job, well done.
  12. Looks like someone misspelled zoomer when signing up.
  13. Hopefully this kicks any talk of Boyce to the curb. Looking forward to seeing fit this boy can do
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    I'll give him a month inside.
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