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  1. cheesepipes

    In The News

    If its true just go to the pigs or pay someone to kill her.
  2. cheesepipes

    In The News

    The victim just happened to drop the bomb at the time the wolf was riding high on Euro 2021 euphoria.
  3. cheesepipes


    Yes they do. Whats the discussion, im losing track.
  4. cheesepipes


    I dont know if it actually happened either, i just gave an imaginative take on how it could be done but there was all sorts of things going up girls vaginas in those care free rock n roll 70s n 80s. Marrianne Faithfull was taking chocolate bars up the fluff fae Jagger, there were rumours of sharks n crabs getting fed up the eager groupies cunnys. True/false we may never know but there will be someones granny sitting at home making a pot of soup before a spot of knitting that could maybe confirm the rumours.
  5. cheesepipes


    For 1970s Led Zeppelin?
  6. cheesepipes


    Have some coked up Rock n Roll imagination. Ram the listening end up the fud, get her to call out the number, ring it up, ear down close and listen out for a hello, say something back. Laugh, pass out, forget it happened.
  7. You've an inflated opinion of yourself. Horrible trait. Put it on your CV if you want.
  8. I genuinely dont think ive typed the word snowflake in several years.
  9. Theres one cunt trying to hard here and its not fucking me.
  10. Oh we're all dimwits. We're all dumb. You're so intelligent. An intelligent wanker.
  11. What the fuck are you even going on about you penis. I think you are an absolute cock and nothing ive typed tonight or ever has taken much time or effort.
  12. Looks like a pile of trimmed off fannyflaps. Which isn't a bad thing. We need the cooked version, im sure it will be magnificent.
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