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  1. cheesepipes

    In The News

    Wheres this leading?
  2. cheesepipes

    In The News

    The little bummers main difficulty is making a choice between Samsung or Apple.
  3. cheesepipes

    Thread O Twitter

    Jesus, Mitch used to be a beautiful man. No wonder his missus fucked off with their best man.
  4. cheesepipes

    In The News

    Rife in Africa aswell. Yet yer Bob Geldofs organise concerts for them to subsidise the anal ploughing.
  5. cheesepipes


    Ever had you bumhole fingered?
  6. cheesepipes


    I stand with Eugenefani.
  7. The boy Ketsbia did a good effort, probably second behind the Elephant washers son. He really should have taking his shorts and pants off aswell, then he'd have been number 1.
  8. Fud Rot never made it onto Top of the Pops. Real shame.
  9. They started out as Bank Holiday weekend events. Got popular, was fucking ace, went regular and turned shit.
  10. Calling in sick from the Schooner lavvies.
  11. We probably bumped into each other, mumbled "im fucked min" put our hands on our knees for a few seconds to compose ourselves then disappeared in opposite directions, finger pointing the DJ.
  12. cheesepipes


    Do you have any evidence or back up he is a fish. Thats how it seems to work in here.
  13. cheesepipes


    He'll have forgotten about it already. Moving onwards and upwards to hopefully some more old school wrestlers, they be the best ones.
  14. Ritzys changed to Bonkers before settling on The Palace. Im just glad i grew up going to Rock/indie/rave nights at a club called Bonkers.
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