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  1. Think the woofters are marching up Union Street this weekend, for whatever reason. The younger ones will be speading their filthy monkeypox all over each other at the after parties, the older ones at various public toilets at the event.
  2. The official car park. If you're a tight cunt, Waterton Road Bucksburn and the path at the scout hut will lead you straight to glory.
  3. Explain to laughing coppers what your username means. Done.
  4. ...... Might get bobbies at the door over non consensual sex remarks.
  5. Yes, usually you. With a sprinkling of arsehole and a dash of wanker.
  6. cheesepipes

    In the News

    Its also when you pull us up over shirt lifter gags.
  7. Top tip for anyone wanting to critique the huge genitals of stark naked disabled people. Choose the "Relaxed Public Session". Certainly not relaxing for yourself as folk get winched into the pool before screaming and slivering in the water likely urinating and passing stool the entire time. Get into the shower sharp, back to the wall but with a clear escape route. The bucket list experience should look after itself from there.
  8. Poor loon just cutting around drinking a variety of Belgian and Dutch ales with the #krew.
  9. cheesepipes


    I really feel the best for everyones health is ignore the lot, from both sides of the argument. Listen to Rock n Roll from the 1970s and take recreational drugs with alcohol. Live a little, drive over the speed limit, purposely forget to scan a few items when self scanning through Asda, have unprotected sex with a brown prostitute.
  10. cheesepipes


    My #pal is horrified by the accusations.
  11. cheesepipes


    Are you suggesting they are monkeys? Good god man, its 2022.
  12. cheesepipes


    Its another disease brought to us by the poofters interficherin with primates bumholes then shooting it up their unsuspecting boyfriends choo choo. Cock in monkey, cock in mans bottom, cock in mans mouth, kiss Grandma at Sunday lunch..... And now we're all at risk. Thanks alot ladz. Just when they were getting somewhere aswell. Have a word with them Consi.
  13. cheesepipes

    In the News

    She'd be an absolute nightmare, probably have to tell her you love her before you stuck it in, then she'd start crying mid way before slapping your face to then her telling you shes loves you. Won't accept doggy or let you jizz on her face. Basically its probably not worth it. But to answer the original question, i think we at least have to try.
  14. cheesepipes


    Im hoping all this uncertainty and coverage with exotic viruses makes it easier to explain when i drag one back from an African Hooks afroflange.
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