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  1. Clydeside_Sheep


    Aye, its not a good look that the modelling is shown to be rubbish and the people making the rules are shown to have personally ignored them. Meanwhile, anyone choosing to decline a vaccine - a choice which doesn't threaten anyone but themselves - is increasingly under attack*. Its mass hysteria. *did you see that clown, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, refer to un-vaccinated people as "misogynists and racists". (This from the guy photographed in blackface multiple times). Its quite interesting to see how 'they' will attempt to provoke a response via the use of certain buzzwords, even though they are obviously unrelated to the topic at hand.
  2. Clydeside_Sheep


    Here is a review of sage modelling vs what actually happened, wrt omicron: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-did-sage-scenarios-compare-to-reality-an-update The models - and so the headlines they have generated - have generally been absolute pish, as it turns out.
  3. Welcome to society. (You are so right about the scottish political class.)
  4. Clydeside_Sheep

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    Fuck up, you have been desperately looking for a reason to exist ever since tup was banned.
  5. Clydeside_Sheep

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    +1 haha very funny (I dont always byraway). Here was me thinking you were going to offer me a good deal too. You always disappoint.
  6. Agreed, he is here to play football which we know he can do. If he can hack huns, even better.
  7. Apologies if my info is out of date, but I always understood nuclear to be cheap and reliable. I suppose its hard to do comparisons these days, with all the grants and subsidies etc.
  8. I didnt follow the game this eve, but I don't resent McInnes. As other have said, he put the club on an even keel. A slight change in fortune and he might have won 2 or 3 cups, instead of just one - and would be accordingly higher thought of!
  9. Clydeside_Sheep

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    Not before pay day anyway. So a few barren weeks (at least) ahead. How come? There's always something attacking my finances, swimming lessons for the kids is the latest lol. Amazing to think that 10-15 years ago - as a bold, single man - I would burn 2 oz a month*. These days (with nursery bills etc) I can barely afford the odd 1/2 oz, which admittedly lasts about 5-6 weeks now im married with kids. *they were discounted ounces, from a friend who bulk grew. I shudder to think what money I might have wasted on all that, but they were great days lol. The cost was prob the main reason I started my own personal grow back then. (my quality and yields outshone my friends too).
  10. +1 Good and fair post my man! Re base load there was a herald article recently, saying the SNP will (paraphrasing) "continue to snub nuclear power to ensure low energy prices for scots". The statement is a complete inversion of reality, nuclear is dirt cheap whereas green power need subsidies, which is one factor behind why gas bills are so high right now. Edit -the french are well into nuclear power and I believe have some of the most reliable and cheap energy in europe.
  11. Clydeside_Sheep

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    Its a very mixed up organisation alright, and heavily politicised to boot.
  12. Clydeside_Sheep

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    You have contradicted yourself there.
  13. Clydeside_Sheep

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    Forgive me Parky, I have not been online for a few weeks (the weans had chicken pox, and other hassles - I also had 1/2 oz of doobie to get through, sadly now accomplished). Kelt is a great and interesting guy - whom I like a lot - but who has had me blocked for years now, because he is not comfortable hearing views which are not his own. And so he would obviously struggle to destroy me in debate, when he refuses even to meet me on the field of honour. And I am afraid it is a scientific fact that a new human life is created at the moment of conception. From that point on, a new life with 46 chromosomes is observable - 23 each from mother and father. A life with 46 chromosomes is called a human being.
  14. I'm feeling bullish about this one. Its either recent results, or the 5 cans and a cognac I have had. 2-0 us.
  15. Clydeside_Sheep

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    A new kebab shop in Glasgow?
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