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  1. I do not respect that. it is worthy only of contempt.
  2. Re bold: Griswold v Connecticut dealt with the anti-contraception law of one particular state. Is it really the case that many states have anti-contraception laws which would suddenly kick in if the Court said there was no constitutional right to contraception? I would be genuinely surprised if there was (maybe in the past, but surely not now?). Contraception is bad in that people do not accept the reality that it will sometimes let them down. Then they demand to kill the unborn as a "get out of jail" card, and that is just not acceptable in a civilised society. I do not think Griswold is mentioned due to targeting contraception, but because it formed the basis of precedent for subsequent erroneous cases such as Roe-Wade, as well as the erroneous notions of a "right" to commit homosexual acts (anyone capable of reason should know that error has no rights) and a "right" to homosexual marriage (of course homosexual couples are not analogous to a marriage). I think Thomas is just sabre rattling, but it would be good to strike down the nonsense of "gay marriage" (just as a Japanese court did, the other day). The idea is a nonsense and it is not healthy for societies to equate homosexual acts with human sexuality - and especially not when western societies are already suffering a demographic winter. Usually I am peaceable and do not care to "rake up old graves", but the gay marriage crowd were such cunts over it - hounding people through courts over making cakes etc - that I would be glad to see the court strike it down, just for the badness of it. Edit - the business of carrying and raising children is in no way "secondary". it is misogynistic of you to suggest that. it is the foundation stone of human progress, and there is nothing nobler.
  3. I agree they are victims, of course. See my reply to Dons79 - I address this there.
  4. A terrible story for sure. God has given us free will, sadly some people misuse it - rapists and abortionists for example. But, would you rather be part of a scripted puppet show? Rape is a very difficult (but thankfully statistically negligible) case, of course. Ultimately, logic dictates that adding a murder on top of a rape only makes the situation worse. Abortion doesn't un-rape a woman, or remove mental or physical injuries. I do not pretend for a second that carrying the baby of a rapist (to give up for adoption) would be an easy thing, but it is the right thing to do, however difficult. The baby didn't do anything wrong, s/he is an innocent. That's the thing about life, its often very difficult, especially if you seek to live a moral life. That fact is probably one of life's central lessons. Look at the men on sinking ships like the Titanic. Being bigger and stronger, they could easily have bullied their way onto the life-boats and left the puny women and children to drown in the freezing water. (I might be mixed up, but I believe some guy tried it on the Titanic and one of the Ships' Officers shot him). Instead, they were selfless and they chose to be the ones who drowned, to give the women and children a chance in the lifeboats. We've all heard the saying "women and children first....". What has happened to us as a society, to go from that level of natural selflessness, to a society which will happily kill innocents to avoid temporary discomfort (let alone death). Not a change for the better, I would say. You know, there were 3 Catholic priests on the Titanic. In those days, clergymen still carried a modicum of respect and so all of the 3 were offered places on lifeboats - but all 3 chose to drown instead, so that they could give people absolution while the ship was sinking and to make space on the lifeboats for others.
  5. I will take your word for it, regarding my stance on the vaccine. The obvious differences are: (i) refusing to take a vaccine does not harm anyone else and only puts the person themselves at any possible risk. They are obviously aware of and comfortable with that, meaning they are prepared to take responsibility for their own actions. (ii) killing an unborn child is murder, made even worse (if possible) by the fact the motivation is for someone to escape taking responsibility for their own actions. As it typical for pro-abortion arguments, you consistently fail to take cognisance of the 2nd life in the equation and so your arguments are worthless.
  6. - totally agree sex is natural and people will do it, no arguments here. I must admit that I have largely enjoyed it myself in my career as a lothario to date. - I also agree people should decide for themselves whether to have a baby or not. But that choice has already expired once a baby has actually been conceived. You already have a baby then and so there is no more choice about having one or not. You can choose to try to create (or at least, risk) the conception of a child, but no one has the genuine right to choose to kill an unborn child because they do not want to take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions. -- a woman's choice is whether to have sex or not (which might create a new life). No one has the choice to kill anyone. I totally respect womens choices, but I do not pretend people have legitimate choices as to who lives or dies. They don't. - that you claim my positions annoy you clearly affirms that they are correct, from my view - I do not think anyone's life is more important than any other. Our mutual dignity and worth as human beings is the only genuine equality there is. A womans life and that of the child she carries are equal - no one is "more important", both are utterly precious. It is totally reasonable to expect adults to take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions. Indeed is that not the very basis of civilisation and indeed adulthood? People should ensure their intellect controls their passions - we are not animals. Surely, we all fail on that front sometimes, but that doesn't mean we get to escape taking responsibility for the consequences. - its not because the baby is "innocent" which forbids abortion, its because human life is precious and its wrong to kill. (see how murder is illegal, for example). Child support from conception is a typically stupid pro-choice argument, (given the unborn do not need material goods and get everything they need from their mother) but I would gladly pay that our of my own pocket if it would save even one life. - I am afraid you are badly misinformed about human reproduction. From the moment of conception, a new life exists, fully observable and very much alive. That is a scientific fact. A new life form with 46 chromosomes is observable from the moment of conception, 23 chromosomes each from his/her mother and father. A form of life with 46 chromosomes is called a human being. At the moment of conception, the new person already has their own sex, hair and eye colour, fingerprints, dna, physical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The only difference between such a new person and you or I, is time - nothing more. Sure, they need a little time to grow into looking like a person, but human life looks very different at all stages. Plus, its hardly reasonable to expect a fully formed, 6'3" 200 Lbs human to appear in the mothers womb is it? No, we start off small and grow. But, I assure you, from the moment of conception, you have a new and very much alive person on your hands. Also, we should be guided by what science discovers in these matters, not by what "society" deems. - I agree that no-one has to give justification to another about what they want to do to their own body. But its not about doing things to their own body which we object to, its the dismembering of someone else's body we object to (the unwanted child). "my body, my choice" is a self defeating argument, as if one has sovereignty over ones own body, they one has no right to dismember someone else body. "my body, my choice" is every bit as bad the protestants' "sola scriptura" argument. Both defeat themselves, its barely worth getting out of bed for. - I do not see any remote equivalence between vaccines and abortion
  7. On the contrary, I had been told that he was a master debator - perhaps I misheard?
  8. The sound of impotent rage helps the pro-abortion tears go down a treat.
  9. Surely this is satire, hot on the heels of your abortion posts? 'Dignity and respect' for lunatics in drag, but not for vulnerable innocents? You are seriously disorientated.
  10. I am completely in favour of women having autonomy over their reproductive choices. 110%. What I am not in favour of is innocents being killed because a feckless woman does not want to take responsibility for her own actions, after making her choice to have sex. Your posts are noticeably light on arguments to justify infanticide. Surely impotent rage and insults are not all you have here?
  11. Its pro-abortion tears for me tonight. Yum!
  12. The fact you are taking the decision so very well increases my satisfaction no end.
  13. Great decision by the SCOTUS - this will be a day long remembered. With the long delay between the leak and the final report, I had begun to fear the worst (but always knew / hoped they would know they could not be seen to be cowed by the leak and subsequent threats etc). What a fantastic legacy for Donald Trump. Anyone who is pro-abortion really ought to spend some time reflecting on their values, but sadly the ability to reflect and even to think properly are in short supply these days. Note the ruling is not really about abortion itself, but rather who gets to decide about it. That States can decide an abortion policy for themselves is, of course, the right decision - it is an increase in democracy.
  14. Absolutely tragic stuff, though completely unsurprised the guy with the low intellect genetic condition is a hun. Sad reflection on modern society.
  15. The things you see when you don't have a rifle, eh?
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