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  1. Clydeside_Sheep

    In The News

    A law banning abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy has come into force in the State of Texas. Various arseholes demanded that the US Supreme Court block the bill, however the Court declined to do so (I can't imagine why not lol). Still not perfect, but Texas has given us a good example here. Would that texans cop on about better cannabis laws as well.
  2. Dunno, I usually get off at Airbles station and patronise the adjacent Electric Bar - always busy but good.
  3. One can book Willie Miller to speak, via this agency: https://www.tmcentertainment.co.uk/speaker-index.html?speakertypeid=37 They have loads of ex players and managers. Jimmy Calderwood (!) is identified only as "former manager of Aberdeen FC". They also have Jimmy Nichol - I heard him speak at a dinner years ago and he was absolutely brilliant. Get a Willie Miller / Jimmy Nichol combo and it would go down a storm.
  4. Clydeside_Sheep

    In The News

    By saying non-binary, they thus divide everyone into being either binary or non-binary: meaning they are in fact binary after all.
  5. Clydeside_Sheep

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    Waiter at Italian restaurant wins unfair dismissal claim after quitting during row when his boss broke wind and wafted smell towards him in front of diners https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9922273/Waiter-Italian-restaurant-wins-unfair-dismissal-claim.html
  6. Clydeside_Sheep

    In The News

    "hate filled and deranged" "hun" for short
  7. Watching the recent season of Baptiste. Its alright but its peak BBC.
  8. Those padded helmets they make boxers wear at the olympics?
  9. I was hoping for someone like stephen hawking or similar.
  10. Really sad news. He should be given all the time and every chance to come back.
  11. Apparently they will have to field their 3rd choice keeper, hopefully that will fuck them.
  12. Promising signing, good luck to him!
  13. Would have preferred snake mountain to be over-run with cholera or smallpox, but if covid causes them some bother then I wont complain!
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