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  1. do you wear shinpads with a kilt GB min?
  2. moesleutel imp stout% 12% #now not a gay drink
  3. moersleutel coconut pastry stout 440ml 10% & reservoir dogs
  4. now there’s a player. better than any seen at anfield since kenny hung up his boots
  5. Bluto10

    Pet Hates

    80s soft rock power ballads are my choice of ICE when in the #whip
  6. to ol dipa Chris rea & led zep #now
  7. Bluto10

    Pet Hates

    haha aye, that was my first thought too. unless it’s like mclaine in die hard two
  8. Bluto10

    Pet Hates

    aye berto is correct for once also there in case the baby is projectiled out the car so they know to look in the surroundings
  9. nah, this is a brilliant thread. definitely got mileage in it.
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