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    fallen off my bike a few times; hate to think the damage that could be done with a car
  2. #live #fraud\charla... :cool:
  3. more of those cigar city beer earlier. franxiskanerS now. belgians for the match.
  4. one bar often has some of their stuff, otherwise don’t see it often. some takeaway shops. had one of their DIPAs last time.
  5. been duvelS for NL game and sane for BE-FI
  6. Bluto10


    aye folk are finding ways round this rubbish I’ve seen some of the smaller euro games on tv but won’t catch a Dutch one till 27th \ next round
  7. Cigar City \ Fancy Papers \ IPA 6.5% 0.5L
  8. havin a large bottle of some crowdfunding beer from a place in the hague- quadruple prob be rubbish
  9. deep fried calzone for moi washed down with duvelS good to see the welsh go through
  10. beers in the big smoke earlier duvelS for the Wales game
  11. forgot bottle of champagne done also
  12. more white (bottle - obvs) for por-ger game champagne* consumed beforehand * - bottle (obvs)
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