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  1. pintS\lager (earlier) beers chilling (4l8r)
  2. that post will have moobs fizzing, he hates this thread enough as it is
  3. Bluto10

    In the News

    makes fuck all difference with you and your posting on here
  4. westmalle (tripelS) :cool: :beer: #now
  5. U a tennis fan maryhilly min? snigger snigger
  6. tennis wot a fuckin joke lol
  7. calm down don not from me. I like (early) oasis
  8. opening yourself to bucket load of abuse on here watching solo LG don min first kasabian album was good IIRC - bae heard it since it was released
  9. could be worse, he could be playing golf
  10. me: rochefort 10S & pet shop boys parky: a grapefruit neipa & kendrik lamar you decide
  11. bet most of you losers are glued to elbow @glastonbury lol
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