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    Covids finally arriving in Perth now. Seems one of Mobby’s favourites has been working at various massage parlours round town and giving clients more than a happy ending. A lot of guys being questioned by their burds about having to isolate
  2. BrianFaePerth


    Eh don’t see it that way Clydesdale. What he implied is that if you were vaxxed you couldn’t be sexist or racist.
  3. BrianFaePerth

    In The News

    Is it more difficult to be a yute than when eh was coming up? Definitely. Are they big whinging Nancys who get offended at everything? Definitely. Its never been easy to be any age.
  4. BrianFaePerth

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    Mention of teenagers and the alarm goes off at dad towers
  5. BrianFaePerth

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    Teenagers have always been cunts. Except my generation obviously.
  6. Do transgenders marry themselves up there H?
  7. Eh sign is as Brad Mobby at the Chinese massage parlour
  8. 1. Type qr scan in to your App Store of choice 2. download one or two 3. try them out. 4. Close this thread
  9. BrianFaePerth

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    Her on you or you on her?
  10. BrianFaePerth

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    Wouldn’t be asking her about politics while getting down to business
  11. Good to see they’re still doing the 9 quid holidays for the lower classes. Covids guarantee too, nice
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