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  1. Last seen furiously inflating dinghies on the beach and looking east
  2. Prease no crap lound rug missa mobby
  3. Eh am brianfaeperth and eh approve this post
  4. BrianFaePerth


    Racist. needs to be rainbow flags
  5. BrianFaePerth


    Bluto consumes a half litre per hour
  6. BrianFaePerth

    In The News

    Best put one in the covids thread
  7. BrianFaePerth


    With dad doing the old pocket shuffle in the background
  8. BrianFaePerth

    In The News

    Eh would give her the sort of loving that would make her regret taking out a British passport
  9. From POTY to this^^ A lesson for you @manboobs109
  10. Talk tae meh, talk tae meh Mongo cunt
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