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  1. If he's half as good as Zero I'll be delighted
  2. 18 for penalties. I'd suggests he merits more than a 13 for strength as well.
  3. This is true. However it is also true that we were still trying to adequately replace him. David Winnie doesn't count. You might argue we still are...
  4. It would in those precise circumstances, but it's less of a concern than in the league
  5. Goal difference is irrelevant, it's head to head games that matters. Which means we'd have to beat Ireland 4-0 at Hampden if it came to it.
  6. Seems a bit short for a centre back and going by some of the posts on their forum he's best suited to a back 3 or at least playing alongside some big lad who can go and attack the high balls. Who would that be? Gallagher?
  7. Better not be the new green and white home strip as that's what Buckie wear
  8. He was always on a hiding to nothing trying to replace David Robertson
  9. As I remember, he roasted a few full backs, but didn't score a goal or even get an assist. Just goes to show how meaningless a lot of the stats that get bandied about are.
  10. You used the word 2 posts previously. Fanny.
  11. I'm not on Twitter, just heard the rumour. I'd have no way know of knowing which sad act had the most followers.
  12. That would still be 1.2 and there's been no specific mention of whether it's profits or sale. It could be either, although likely a smaller percentage for sale.
  13. Look it up. Someone already said it earlier and my original post also gives a significant clue. Nothing like finding your own path on the road to enlightenment.
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