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  1. Nigel Pepper has to be a candidate. Does getting sent off count as game time? £300k as well, wasn't he?
  2. Can't miss what we never had. File with Miles Anderson under X
  3. So, is there anyone we'd like to go on loan to Killir for 6 months to compete in the run-in? Could be good experience for the likes of Campbell or MacLennan, but the plastic pitch could be a worry.
  4. When he's 6 foot and 4 And scoring the goals That's Polvara
  5. Few posters fair triggered by this rumour
  6. First team regulars generally aren't training with the youth team and miles short of being fit. He wasn't wanted at Arsenal - maybe as much on his face or playing style not fitting as ability, but we weren't signing their first choice striker.
  7. He was far from a regular for Arsenal- that's why he wanted to leave. He was their star signing a few years earlier though.
  8. I agree. Both players were under-rated by many Dons fans. It was more an observation that if we could get that sort of fee for Chris Clark about 20 years ago, there's no reason why we shouldn't expect the guts of.half a million quid now for Hedges
  9. We also managed to get a few hundred k each for Michael Hart and Chris Clark
  10. Do you seriously believe that any pish the Scottish papers even get seen by the English clubs, let alone influence the fees they are prepared to pay?
  11. Both. They're less optimistic because they're smarter
  12. Club survey on this doing the rounds. Told them I was double jabbed and therefore couldn't give a fuck what happens, I'll be there when I'll be there
  13. I remember reading somewhere that something like 1 in 12 corners results in a goal That's why continental fans get less excited by corners.
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