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  1. Do you seriously believe that any pish the Scottish papers even get seen by the English clubs, let alone influence the fees they are prepared to pay?
  2. Both. They're less optimistic because they're smarter
  3. Club survey on this doing the rounds. Told them I was double jabbed and therefore couldn't give a fuck what happens, I'll be there when I'll be there
  4. I remember reading somewhere that something like 1 in 12 corners results in a goal That's why continental fans get less excited by corners.
  5. Yes, exactly. My point that it is unsurprising people have been working on Coronavirus vaccines for years. I'd be more surprised if they hadn't. My "to what end" question is to understand the motivation for the powers that be to fuck up the economies they are responsible for, or for the vast majority of relevant scientists to mess up their and their families' lives. It makes no sense.
  6. To what end? Of course they've been working on vaccines for COVID - the first part of the name (SARS-COVID-19) should tell you why. What about the pizzas?
  7. More likely that he thought he'd be off to bigger and better things by the time Shay's initial contract had expired
  8. I was also surprised how pish Austria were after seeing them a few times in the Euro's - against Italy in particular - that Italian team would have horsed us
  9. I believe I made that point a few posts earlier.
  10. How the fuck do you "struggle" to get your sense of taste back? Eat nothing but vindaloo for a fortnight?
  11. What a lot of fucking shite spoken on this thread. "Family links" Bunch of spastics
  12. Is he applying for Darren Mackie's reading champion throne? He's already got more appearances but unfortunately it appears this injury will stop him getting more goals than Mackie as well 2/3 ain't bad.
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