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  1. Hiv ye iver been up the back of Echt?
  2. Now Simon, nae cunt on here expects to command respect, its a site full of delinquent's, deviants, arseholes and pricks all linked by a love of AFC and some of us who know others etc (except 2) Its an online forum for laughs, escapism, slagging, crime-solving with a bit of filth thrown in. You’re posting more than hanzoid so you’ve got the bug so be less of an arsehole if thats possible. I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of my online persona and enjoy winding fellow cunts up so happy to take it back. It is a community though so mocking MHD when he was relaying financial problems was piss poor and very council estate turned Tory. Now the except 2 are Brian, we adopted him during a tramp amnesty from Cowdenbeath mad, he claims to support Dundee and is incredibly consistent in that he’s travelled the world and not made a single friend. Despite being a globe trotting multi millionaire he spends his spare time on a dons forum of bams, the other is GB who loves Hibs and Manboobs in equal measures but he can be funny at times. So, calm down, post less and realise we will never respect you.
  3. The Tory bovver boys the worst zero self respect puppets
  4. Brian you would be pals with Ian Huntley you are that desperate
  5. You wouldn’t know how a brain functions
  6. What about the £37 billion the tories gave to their mates for track and trace? That ok with you
  7. Fucking clearly as he just bought some
  8. Dark times for the site being invaded by tories. Is there anything which lacks self respect more than being Scottish and a Tory. All of them 50 something furious gammons with identity issues.
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