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    Exactly hanz a fucking cow
  2. Adults wearing replica tops with their names on it, the ultimate sign of a wanker
  3. How’s the bar coming along?
  4. I know how to drink with friends and after half past 7
  5. Have a perfect draft machine, wouldn’t be without it, great pint all the time
  6. Tup kept him on a tight leash for years then a name change when tup left and hey presto
  7. Captain Caveman

    In The News

    What we were all thinking
  8. You fix slush machines for a living
  9. Moobs shamelessly posting for votes.
  10. Captain Caveman


    This new variant is nothing to worry about, pant wetting for the sake of it
  11. Best Poster: Milne Funniest Poster: Fridge Lifetime Achievement Award: Cheesepipes Best Thread: Coronavirus Best Rivalry: Moobs/Parky Must Do Better Award: Red Forever Moment of the Year: Rocket not paying his bets Most Negative Poster Award: OJJ Best Newcomer: MAD
  12. He’s the quintessential pricks prick.
  13. Parky once again looking like a bellend
  14. 2/10 false fecker who continues with DNA exploiting the thick. Brought his mate in and named the training ground after himself. point each for paying for training ground and liking rowies
  15. Captain Caveman


    So is drinking alone and pretending you have a “krew”
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