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  1. Would be a first for you, she'd probably let you out of pity. Practise on well filled water balloons.
  2. That was it?? hahahaha I'd let him baby sit my future kids no bother, top lad. It's ovs a joke. MT would have hated Manning and Chubby Brown.
  3. There's more to life than big tits, personality, looks, humour. She has big tits but not a deal breaker.
  4. She did say her loon had moved out, hopefully her.
  5. I maybe missed it, what was the bad joke?
  6. MT trying to be relevant, used all his best material and out of ideas. He's Lowland league these days, shame, nice Capri.
  7. Think that sounds a plan, will suggest a sit down Toby.
  8. Thought has crossed my mind. Maybe baiting me into a threesome.
  9. Hahaha, no but as pretty as her. She's so beautiful.
  10. Who are the top posters? is their a hierarchy on here I'm not aware of?
  11. It was under the sofa that was dusty, who has the fucking time to hoover there. Like you say, more important things to do, the dust can wait*. *That was a rented gaff, now back into ownership.
  12. Kind words Poodler, thank you. Since you're here may I ask some advice, know you're well experienced in the fairer sex. I've met dated and shagged a good few birds off POF these last 4 years of single life but feel I may have now met the right one, she's fucking stunning and lives about a 5 minute walk from me. Problem is she's not a big drinker and prefers to meet for walks, I've no problem with that, already feel my fitness levels rising. Just can't get past first base though, walk, laugh, home. With alcohol it's easy to make that move, doesn't feel right when walking down a street? What would you do?
  13. I googled the strip place the other day, it's fucking still open and still drugging and fleecing punters, Polish police must be getting some proper back handers, the place has been on Poland and UK tv. For anyone going or planning a trip to Krakow, the VIP Club is right on the main square there, the lassies offer you all you can drink for 20 quid, don't do it, you won't get past your first drink and you'll wake at 3am in the street with an empty bank account and urine wet jeans.
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