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  1. Race hasn't started yet moobs.
  2. He who laughs last Rodney, he who laughs last.
  3. Very true, it's why people like hitting me.
  4. I want to have Browns children, babies would be beautiful.
  5. Hun trying to get laughs from his hun mates, fail. He wants to watch the Simmie tackle for tips, he's a schoolboy.
  6. Fair analysis, recycling what I said pretty much. Now get back to your mans supper, cook him a feast.
  7. Halliday did that to try and impress and appease his hun mates, just made himself look like a chump, he's no Simmie, he did it right and got a yellow (harsh).
  8. If we can get Ash Taylor back fit and push Brown into the usual midfield role I don't think many teams will be able to beat us.
  9. Ramirez could be a £20 Million player for us, he's sublime. What a buy.
  10. I said this week Glass could be like Fergie, 9 points off the huns, we're on our way.
  11. Hedges missing his bed in the injury ward, blouse. See you in 8 weeks.
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