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  1. Wonder if this one will be under threat of getting postponed due to water-logged pitch like last Saturday's scheduled game at MacDiarmid.
  2. Aye I think Anderson had been reading this thread pre-match and was sure he was going to score against us. Occasion got the better of him and rightly hooked at HT.
  3. Well one thing you can credit him with is that he promised we'd reach the Group stages, and that's exactly what we'll be getting next season.
  4. I like how he's pushing back on scottish media's obsession with the 2 cheeks. I like his ideas about improving the matchday experience, and trying to get beer allowed back into stadiums to increase revenue. Don't care about the training ground name, it's only the training ground. As long as the new stadium has none of it. However on the recruitment, team and transfers side, it's been a disaster.
  5. Aye, all true but we need to do something with him. Get him out on loan to a lower league club or something and try to recoup at least *some* of his wages.
  6. Be tempted to give JET a final chance with a start against his old club. If he can't get up for that game then offload him in January.
  7. Nobody has direct memory of the initial reason, as nobody is now alive from 1918. It's a gesture passed on through generations, losing something with each passing year. If 3 smiling twats on the gammon channel can wear one while legitimately debating starting a war on France due to fishing, you know the poppy has lost all initial meaning and it's now just a brit-nat loyalty badge.
  8. In. 3-0 to the dandies, to repay them for multiple recent 3-0 humpings of us. We've really got a shocking record against this mob considering how pish they are.
  9. It's never been clearer that we're completely fucking up tonight's predetermined narrative about brave rainjurs
  10. Getting shades of Liverpool on Sunday here...
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