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  1. Still 9/2 with Bet365 to finish top without the 2 cheeks. Great odds considering Hertz will be involved in 2 euro play-offs & 6 group stage matches, potentially having an effect on the 8 league games immediately after.
  2. Both teams to score is basically free money
  3. Definitely. It's a cliché but what players do off the ball is just as important as on the ball. Like JET during the Dundee Utd game at the very start of last season, sauntering out after HT from the dugout as the slowest, least interested man ever. You'd never see that on a highlights reel but it told you everything you needed to know about JET.
  4. That's as nailed on as Consi scoring against us in his first trip back home.
  5. Although Griffiths brings a lot of it on himself, I do think the hun-filled west coast media rub their hands together with glee when exposing anything and everything about him in the papers. Playing-wise he'd be a good fit in a League 1 or 2 club pushing for promotion. He'd rattle in a few goals. Completely untrustable as a consistent top-flight player tho.
  6. To put it another way, this might be the first time a player from a bottom 6 club has moved to Champions League finalists.
  7. In all my time watching us sell on players, we never seem to actually reach the headline prices that are quoted before a sale. Be very doubtful if we do here either.
  8. As soon as Ramsay was subbed on I thought he'd miss a pen, he's a pure bottler. Only hope he is just as shite for Wales in a couple of weeks if we beat Ukraine.
  9. You'd think the media would be able to find one photo of a normal looking person out of 100,000*, but every single photo is full of pudgy, red-faced, thick-looking cunts.
  10. What the fuck was that commentator on about last night with "Huddersfield will be happy Forest have had to play 120 minutes of intense football a day later than their own playoff." Thought it meant the game was imminent but looked it up and the final is 12 days away! WTF difference does 30 mins of ET make if the game is that far out.
  11. Last time we scored 2 goals and won the match? Edinburgh City in Jan.
  12. We'll win our final 2 games 1-0. Still be a shite watch tho.
  13. Knutsen high up on the Burnley betting. Can't imagine him being remotely interested in the Hibs job.
  14. Scott Brown a shoe-in for the Hibs job
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