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    Also put on this classic after G-Dons nod to the album the other day. guitar is ace, lyrics are bloody ace. He was about 21 writing like that, and whether he plagarised artists or not, he still had to make it his own. also love the version with Cash, but this is great.
  2. Poodler


    Just been going through some early Beatles stuff always liked I need you, anytime at all, I should have known better. they were tight and had great melodies. Then it just all went a bit weird. Though I suppose everyone’s songwriting was in the massive shadow caused by Dylan by the mid 60’s.
  3. Poodler


    Probably BOTB
  4. Poodler


    Few great choices there. Love a few of those early Beatles songs aswell.
  5. Poodler


    the last four songs she’s played. She has a much better music taste than me
  6. A well known poster sent one in earlier but it’s a bit too racist for public viewing
  7. In all seriousness, has anyone in the world ever listened to a style council album from cover to cover?
  8. Poodler

    In The News

    Haha, it’s a common free water source for the caravan club, a lot of the cheapos who won’t pay for sites do that, bit of a non story really at least they closed the gates to stop spooks getting out
  9. Anyone been to formula one? Surely that would just be annoyingly loud a bit like @ebbe
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