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  1. Be great if someone loudly sneezed during the silence by accident and caused a riot
  2. Poodler

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    Giving stupid women a voice has caused this probably started back at Big Brother or MTV although I don’t know what’s worse, the stupid orange women or the stupid orange men.
  3. Poodler

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    I should like to cause a scene at that bar by identifying as a woman
  4. Poodler

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    Haha complete joke. Bet they still end up blootered/ blottoed and passing out. Then who will they blame?
  5. Jimmy saville wore a half/half strip on TOTP once
  6. Poodler

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    Fight it, don’t
  7. Poodler

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    It’s you that keeps bringing up that narrative these days, do you miss speaking about those things or something?
  8. Poodler

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    I do not doubt that some girls have been spiked in the past. I have immense doubts that people are being injected in a club with a mysterious substance (no one is actually able to say what it is) when it would be so much easier to slip something in the drink. My point is, this has started from one hysterical lassie who has jumped to a conclusion and the dibble are too feart these days to say it’s nonsense, so here we are. Taking piles of needles into a club and drawing up a mysterious substance, come away. the fact NOONE can name what substance is being used, there’s not even anecdotal reports being used, suggests to me it’s hyperbole from dangerous little girls who shouldn’t be trusted
  9. I expect Ferguson to not be in the right headspace for this game. Leave him behind This is Campbell’s moment
  10. Would it? How can you prove that beyond reasonable doubt?
  11. Poodler

    In The News

    another liar has any authority come forward and said what drugs are being used yet? None. Because there are none
  12. Poodler


    Will get it when able, next month. But still raging about it. The bastards
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