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  1. Judy Murray being served up current album - vulgar boatmen - don’t panic
  2. You need a more vivid imagination min!
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    Time will I see you for lunch the day @BrianFaePerth
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    good to see he has the same values as our current Ukrainian good guys though. Our heroes. biden condemns him yet continues to send money/ weapons to like minded souls in Ukraine.
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    Redeemed yourself there
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    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/8868452/jerry-murray-sexually-assaulted/ Someone needin to pipe big Judy
  8. Did you know the ref formerly played for St Mirren novelty league How can the club be criticised when he made daft demands?
  9. Milnzo raised a good point ; bet he praises the Huns this week to annoy us on his way oot
  10. Truly awful fuck that lot of wimps None of those released will ever play for a bigger club edit; Goodwin will never manage a bigger club either
  11. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/8863942/lil-keed-dead-atlanta-rapper/ In a post, he wrote: "Can’t believe I seened u die today bro I did all my cries I know what u want me to do and that’s go hard for Mama Daddy Our Brothers Naychur and Whiteboy."
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