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  1. Hayes has played every game so far, can fill in a few positions, fit as a butcher's dog. He also coaches one of the youth groups and the club is putting him through his coaching badges. He'll probably be here after he hangs up his boots.
  2. I'm amazed McLennan is still here. Watkins can go too without any fanfare but we'll need another defender in when Bates moves. Lewis will stay until next summer at least Ramirez will stay until the next US window, maybe even until his contract ends I wasn't convinced before that Polvara would head out on load, but Clarkson's arrival and excellent first impression makes it more likely Duncan will stay, especially if Roberts and/or Morris aren't fit/ready. May well go out on loan in January if he's not getting much game time Harvey will go out on loan Shirt numbers 6 & 7 are still both available, if anyone fancies reading anything into that
  3. We've gone from too many 30+ players last season to mostly under 25s. I don't want to go full Alan Hansen and "you can't win anything with kids" but I'd feel more comfortable with a couple more players in the 27 - 30 bracket who know the Scottish game Be interesting to know what the average age of the squad is this year compared to last.
  4. I believe today is the last day of the MLS transfer window, so if he's going back to the US he'll be going today.
  5. Smith was a great player when he wasn't injured. The Copenhagen game a real highlight. Stevie Lovell was the other treatment table hog of the Calderwood era. Scored some cracking goals but never fit enough.
  6. Paul Bernard. £1M for 100 games across six years. That's about 17 games a season at £10,000 a game for the transfer fee alone.
  7. Aitken over-paying for players only for Miller to sell them on cheap was a theme for the late 90s. Off the top of my head the players you list, including Windass cost about £3.5 - 4 million in total and those that didn't go on a free took in about half a million total in return. They were replaced with the likes of Andy Dow and Mark Perry. And don't forget swapping Dodds plus cash for Winters
  8. I hear you, and all hail Willie Miller's number 6 shirt, but in a later era 5&6 as centre half means 4 in midfield, which makes me think of Brian O'Neil in midfield, along with Aitken paying something like £750k for him only for him to be absolute garbage, then Alex Fucking Miller selling him about a year later for £250k. (five minute pause while I desperately try to forget the trauma of the Miller years, our subsequent spiral into debt and years without a trophy, the meaninglessness of life, the cold dark emptiness of the universe........ )
  9. Cool, I thought we'd paid a fee for him.
  10. What did we allegedly pay for Bates?
  11. Perhaps completely irrelevant and depending on how much you read into shirt numbers, but 6 & 7 are still free in the first eleven. Number 6 probably set aside for a central midfielder (Ronan being the preferred target) Unless Roberts is being given number 7, maybe there is a first choice winger to come Bates out suggests we will be after a CH, perhaps one that is comfortable on either side
  12. Could be a good move. Hopefully a season in the top half of the Championship will help him develop
  13. You couldn't just +1 me and move on. You had to bring up a player we've all been trying to forget.
  14. I'm going to make a sweeping generalisation about the players we have signed from down south this window. That means I don't care or want to hear about specific individuals that don't exactly fit this statement. In general, the signings have been of lower end Championship/top end League 1 standard, whereas in previous seasons they were bottom end League 1/top end League 2. In other words, theoretically we have stepped up a gear or two in the level of quality of players we have signed over previous seasons.
  15. Did he mention anyone heading out the door?
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