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  1. Well done @King Street Loon. Down to the last 3 games of the season made it special. Unlucky @Singapore Steve. Thanks to The Cockney Don for his efforts.
  2. Unlucky with your prediction. Aberdeen should have scored at least 2 goals. They played some good stuff in the second half.
  3. Aberdeen to come storming out in the second half. 2 goals scored in quick succession. Final score The Rangers 2 Aberdeen 2
  4. Will watch game from Red TV on laptop. May change to Sky on big screen if Aberdeen are doing well Not holding out much hope though.
  5. Stephen Glass sees Aberdeen’s trip to The Rangers as their final chance to show what they are about – and spoil the hosts’ title party. Aberdeen boss Stephen Glass sees Rangers trip as statement opportunity (pressandjournal.co.uk) Would boost his Aberdeen fan base if they managed a miracle today.
  6. Lencarl


    Heard on the radio that 50% of younger people offered Covid -19 vaccinations are not turning up for them.
  7. Adrian Durham in the Sun Newspaper insists The Rangers finishing the season unbeaten less than a decade after playing in the fourth tier would be the greatest achievement ever in domestic Scottish football. Aberdeen please win on Saturday and stop this hun loving fest once and for all.
  8. I forgot I predicted a draw for Saturday. Aberdeen to get a result at Ibrox
  9. The huns want to win this to go the season undefeated in the League. Aberdeen will have little say on the result going by recent displays. The Aberdeen players will not want to get injured and spoil their summer break. The Rangers to win with goals to spare.
  10. Most losing football teams try and win a match with a few minutes to go by attacking or hoofball but not Aberdeen, they play passing the ball back the way towards their defenders. Dire indeed. Night and day for Hedges from last game. Complete rebuilding job required for next season.
  11. Lencarl


    India's Covid variant is now dominant in four local authorities in England and its rapid spread could jeopardise plans to ease lockdown, experts fear. Boris Johnson said in a statement to Parliament today that the variant was 'of increasing concern', warning that a strain that could slip past vaccines would have 'potential to cause even greater suffering than we endured in January'. Slip past vaccines. Whatever that means.
  12. Foot pain is gout. Effects different parts of the foot. The vaccine effects the immune system.
  13. Lencarl


    Pubs in Scotland will be able to welcome back customers indoors for the first time in eight months, Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed. The First Minister today confirmed that lockdown rules will be relaxed from May 17 as previously planned, meaning that bars and restaurants will be able to serve alcohol indoors once more. It means that thousands of venues that missed out on the previous reopening date due to a lack of outdoor seating can finally get back to business - and Scots finally enjoy a pint indoors and not have to brave the recent chilly spring weather.
  14. The Colt teams will never reach the Scottish Premiership. The fans will see to that. The Scottish game has always been about these teams. It is up to other clubs to raise their games and compete against them.
  15. Lencarl

    In The News

    The only reason this forum survives is the constant stream of abuse by certain posters. It is what makes the difference between AFC and other forums online. Take this away and people will stop viewing it. Does not make it right but that is how it rumbles.
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