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  1. Huns behind both goals , StMirren are an embarrassment
  2. Whats our defence going to look like for this one . Looks like Ramsay , Gallagher and McKenzie are all out . Leaves us with McCrorie and Bates at CH maybe Hancock on the bench . Hayes at LB maybe Campbell at RB
  3. beers in town this afternoon , watch the fitba then off to see the Scottish Pink Floyd at the Tivoli
  4. yeah a mate of mine , pm me and I'll give you his details
  5. My son snaps up this type of thing and sells them again with a huge mark up . Kids buy them , don't get it but hey ho
  6. redstrummer


    sport mixtures are the top sweet
  7. redstrummer

    In The News

    been following crime documentaries on this family. The son got away with killing a young girl , pissed while driving a speed boat
  8. last season of Bosch out
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