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  1. Well summed up. Clarke should have recognised we were getting out played in midfield and made changes at half time . Christie or Turnbull on with 1 up top for me
  2. redstrummer


    yeah was hearing there was an outbreak
  3. wish we could do something like the Danes tonight but cut and dry now will take a 1 nil win
  4. Talk sport saying no other players in close contact , thank fuck
  5. Probably not but see him more like a play maker similar to Gilmour
  6. Get Turnbull straight in for Gilmour , good player . Just praying there's not more have to isolate " Disaster for Scotland "
  7. Thanks for that , well put together . Us getting a win will be tough enough never mind winning by 2
  8. so what's the script here , does a 1 nil win get us through ?
  9. Some crowd in Budapest , looks awesome . Scotland need to build a national stadium like that
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