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  1. The fact that you left the two of them out being retained , I'm pulling you up on the folly of that . If they are our back ups I'd say we are in a far better place , time will , it's up to Goodwin to make it better
  2. So what about the invenitable suspensions and injuries we are going to have through out the season ? Think it through eh !! I'm fine with Bates and Gallagher , they are under contract , as long as we bring in 2 better . The squad needs 4 CH's to go through a season , we do have McCrorie however who can fill in at CH and RFB
  3. That means we need to sign 3 or 4 top quality CH's in one window. Not happening, they are fine as back if we go out and sign 2 better ones
  4. So your'e binning both Bates and Gallagher ? meaning we'd need to sign 3 , maybe 4 new CH's . No way , keep those 2 as squad players and bring in 2 better ones
  5. Good read that , the boy was from Aberdeen He only recently passed away
  6. Ally Begg doing a live show on YouTube just now , interview with Hewitt It's an earlier interview with Hewitt when he gets very emotional talking about Cooper
  7. Used to love my ma's homemade rice pudding and baked Alaska , now a days I go for a sticky toffee or skip altogether for the cheese board
  8. Barron had another good game today , enjoy watching him
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