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  1. Glass is too nice. Doesn't strike me as somebody who would inspire you to go into battle with. Unless we're in a relegation battle in January, he's seeing out the season which means he'll get another chance to start afresh.
  2. Yeah, remember thinking that was odd...perhaps made the decision to go to bed early, an easier one.
  3. We haven't even played a decent team yet Going to be a looooooong season. One in limbo land...neither challenging for Europe nor being quite shite enough to be in a relegation battle. But there's still the Scottish Cup...
  4. From what I've seen, Samuels looks a threat with his pace.
  5. Haven't really read these pages but Glass will be, at least, given the season. And I think he should. The worrying thing is the more things change, the more they appear to stay the same...
  6. the huns didn't sell us him because he's any good.
  7. St Johnstone 0-2 Sevco Celtic 5-0 Ross County Dundee 1-0 Livingston Motherwell 1- 1Dons St Mirren 1-1 Dundee utd Hearts 1-2 Hibs
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