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  1. alscotoz

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    Not stopping this old wifie https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/27/queen-secret-influence-laws-revealed-scottish-government-memo
  2. Good luck, hopefully can push Lewis out.
  3. Disappointing. Maybe the fact he got a few games for Scotland clouded judgment...how many players have been tried in that position lately? Hopefully another incoming as well as Stewart,
  4. alscotoz

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    If he is, he's fucking dedicated. Arsed.
  5. The Offer was decent enough. Few English actors very convincing as yanks.
  6. I'd let him go for a fair price. Doesn't even pretend he wants to be at Pittodrie.
  7. Same name as my brother. He was shite at football, so I'm a bit worried.
  8. I'm not convinced Ramsay is a natural FB.
  9. You didn't seem to have a lot of time for considine?
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