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  1. Homemade soup, then couple of squares of plain chocolate. Bottle of fizzy water.
  2. alscotoz


    Finally got round to Zeus way of thinking on the covid...over it.
  3. I clearly overrated Kane and Sterling. Didn't get a sniff. Thought all of the back 3 did a good job.
  4. Agreed re expectations but think it was more than a decent performance. Gilmour is top drawer. Defence were immense and Tierney added a lot. No one could have argued if we'd won BUT still need to find a way to get the ball into the net...
  5. Agreed. Needs to put some more meat on the bones. Have to be happy with that. Tierney making a big difference.
  6. Kane, Sterling, Foden against our defence, whatever the combo? Disaster. Defeat by a couple.
  7. The expert commentator is a fud. Anyway, it's the hope that kills you. Good night.
  8. Had chances. May as well go 3 up front now. 3-4-3
  9. Was hoping it would have been Dykes for Adams. Think Christie could have done something with service to feet
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