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    Djokovic lawyers had no chance of victory. The law relied upon to cancel the visa, essentially says if the minister does not get the outcome they want, they can do whatever the fuck they want to have the result fall in their favour. Like them or loathe them, the feds have just won a shitload of votes with this case and it's outcome. The only reason it got this far was was the haste the govt showed when cancelling the initial visa. Djokovic only won due to being denied natural justice. If he'd been given a few hours to find out what options were available, the case would have been over a week ago. The Australian government case was very flimsy...but that was more than enough to win the day.
  2. alscotoz


    Correct. The whole farce could have been avoided if the authorities hadn't been so eager to 'show him who's boss' (or just not let him get on a plane in the first place).
  3. He really fucking wasn't. He was allowed to take the piss out of a chairman who didn't have a clue. Good luck to him, but by extension he took the piss out of the club. He won ONE trophy, and it wasn't even a proper one. Great? Nah. Edit: maybe the same could be said of Glass, sans trophy
  4. RS would be apoplectic having to deal with RJ...or more than usual
  5. Just read Brian Cox autobiography. Interesting guy.
  6. We'll just keep plodding along, I'd imagine.
  7. alscotoz


    Govt/s lost control over here with the omicron. Fucking shambles. So what's new? Urging people to get tested/ don't get tested/get the booster after 6 months, no 5, no 4, maybe 3...and on it goes. Whatever.
  8. I think that's about right. I'm in same situation as you. Hearing my old man and his mates chat, there was always more of an edge when we played the cunts; took it all in. One of my earliest and favourite memories is beating them 5-1 in a league cup semi... and of course the game where Charlie Nick got the winner. Plus a lot of my relatives were huns (not weegies), into all the masonic, royal family shite... wasn't brought up that way, thank fuck.
  9. alscotoz

    In The News

    Close enough, though...
  10. alscotoz

    Pet Hates

    Was when I lived there. Not sure it was called posh though. There was the cooncils and... can't remember what non cooncils were called.
  11. Pho, seafood laksa, chicken/corn, broth. Soup's good in the winter...
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