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  1. Just seen the score. Forgot all about it. Encouraging. Any links to the goals?
  2. If the new coach didn't ask for promises about funds to spend he's on a hiding to nothing and won't see xmas.
  3. Read a guy from Argentina playing in the Olympics is supposed to be decent
  4. alscotoz

    In The News

    Who's this hoor? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jul/18/far-right-commentator-katie-hopkins-to-be-dumped-by-channel-seven-after-sydney-hotel-quarantine-claims
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    They've fucked it up here good and proper. Had a gold chance for it to be a memory and now the country's in probably in the worst shape it's been since this all kicked off.
  6. Only fucking 12 here the day. Shite.
  7. alscotoz

    Pet Hates

    Fucking hate that show.
  8. Not sure if the hair makes him look more or less touched/psychotic
  9. September? You're obviously a patient man.
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    Does that give you an advantage over others at the moment?
  11. Fucking hell...that was bad.
  12. alscotoz

    Next Dog

    Nah, Reggie.
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