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  1. Ah, the old fuck I’m 15 and I’m bored. I think I’ll piss off to America through mental Covid travel restrictions, go to Dallas, buy a gun, hold a pile of Jews hostage and then top myself urge. We've all been there. (Love Why Don’t you)
  2. Tell you what, off you go and ask Buttons and Lewis’ Da. Off you pop now.
  3. Random memory - when Lewis Ferguson came on for his debut for Accies in that match Derek Ferguson was commentating for Open Mikes or whatever its called somewhere else. Richard Gordon says "I can confirm the Hamilton sub. Derek you might be interested, its a Ferguson by the name of Lewis." (General harrumphing across the learned contributors and rightly so). Within 5 minutes whoever was covering the Hamilton game, might have been Alan Preston from memory, cuts in with "Oh, theres been what could be a very important goal against Hamilton........................ oh.... it looks like an own goal............................................................(and then after what seemed like an eternity) "aye don't panic Derek its no Lewis!" I laughed.
  4. All the while with the commentary team constantly reminding the Kilmarnock fans how good he is.
  5. Heavily involved in one of my top five ‘shockers’ away at the new Brockville if memory serves.
  6. Surprised this post took so long. must try harder.
  7. Was that the one maybe halfway down Windmill brae or the one round the corner past the pizza place towards bridge st?
  8. Nobody remember the 80’s playground joke - why all Asians had squinty eyes and buck teeth? Doesnt really work on an Internet forum right enough. Still, very funny for a 12 yo me.
  9. Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the rigged American election. Some absolute loon balls (usually also the robots in my jab crowd) following that line.
  10. Surely Forrester rates worse than Gleason. At least we saw Gleason.
  11. Decent player who seemed unlucky with injury whilst trying to compete in a more than competent midfield.
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