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  1. Funny you say that - the only player I can think of who seemed to screw the nut including diet to good effect was Scott Macdonald.
  2. I’d describe Leigh Griffiths as a lot of things. Free is not one of them. Boys got more baggage than terminal 4.
  3. I think he can only play during lent.
  4. Alan Maclaren after about 30seconds of exercise. Walking heart attack.
  5. Fuck me. Yes I know we just sold one for a club record, covid busting, mind altering money but can we not, just for once, start a game with a right back, two centre halves and, controversially of all, a left footed recognised left back.
  6. Anyone of the rat-like hun fraternity. Hugh Burns, John Macdonald, Ian Ferguson etc Jason Holt and Andy halliday being the latest offensive specimens.
  7. Didnt make a lot of mistakes per se. Just opposition managers quickly recognised his weakness and exploited it. Apollon goal at Pittodrie always sticks in my mind. Manager literally came out after half time and grabbed his midfielder and did that arm waving curvy gesture acknowledged by all as "ball in behind and run like fuck."
  8. I have the same level of expectation as I did Robertson. He should take that as a positive.
  9. You may need to brace to be crushingly disappointed.
  10. I don’t remember that Shinnie one. But yes failing to send McGregor off against Ferguson because the needed the win was a shocker. or not a shocker, which is kind of the point.
  11. How would you say that worked out for us?
  12. Referred to as “doing a Christie”
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