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  1. If it’s not out of a stone oven on the banks of the lapping med it’s not pizza.
  2. Come on Sturgo do the decent thing. Level 0 for 2 hours on Tuesday. PATG. Full house. Proclaimers & Runrig ridiculously loud, sitting doon banned.
  3. Fucking have that like! Special mention to Stephen O Donnell. For walking past Garef not penalties again Soufgate at the handshakes at the end apparently not even recognising him. Guffie bastard.
  4. I just don’t get the attraction. Here, look at my video of hands and arms and phones obscuring that blur in the background which is 0.03 seconds of the Tour de France of which every fucking unobscured second is live on fucking Eurosport!
  5. Love events like that where you get the daft cunts saying they got up before bedtime to be there and when ‘it’ arrives everyone holds up their phone or my personal favourite an iPad above their head to film it thus blocking everyone’s view.
  6. Completely artificial edifice constructed as such. Ably and transparently demonstrated to anyone with a functioning brain in 2012.
  7. So firstly wish him all the best if he does land it. Genuinely pleased for the man. One of these situations where I suspect in normal circumstances he wouldn't get a sniff so he just has to ride the wave. Listened to an interesting documentary with Andy Roxburgh the other day absolutely talking up the Largs experience and name dropping left, right and centre from it. But its almost like they went there to learn how not to do it. At what point have Mourhino, Houlier, Lippi etc ever said lets set up to stifle the opposition and maybe sneak something off a set piece. Oh, and whilst we're at it lets positively reinforce a healthy duopoly healthy for the game (read duopoly) to thrive.
  8. It’s definitely Danny Mcgrain in the middle
  9. In an era when Antelope Hutton was considered a legned I’d have to say Fuck yes. I assume their thinking was not playing him affected him less long term albeit he didn’t seem to feature much thereafter.
  10. Go and tie your shoelace. I’m now genuinely interested who the faces are. Look like a bad episode of Spitting Image from where I’m looking.
  11. Patterson might be similar to Mcnaughton if they think a trouncing might affect him long term. I’m especially wary of throwing the young lad to the wolves if (and you know this is happening) some SFA PR fucktard is desperate for him to play just to get the huns back on board. Play him, but play him for the right reasons. Just on the keepers btw Aberdeen have the Scotland 18s (or poss 20’s?) keeper in Tom Ritchie. Assuming Lewis screws the nut hopefully with captaincy taken off him and Woods signing a new contract he’s not getting a game for us any time soon you’d think?
  12. In the absence of an obvious centre forward a mobile type that can hold the ball up that basically makes us better than the sum of our parts will suffice. A bit like Wales, or the job Watkins did for AFC. im no lover of Dykes but I see what they think he brings and I can’t see anyone else doing it. We need that short amount of time required to get the width and the quality we do have in the middle up the park. If I’m an opponent I’m setting up to specifically stop us doing that. Us Setting up to defend then just plays right into that. See D McInnes for details.
  13. Good film about a volcano erupting
  14. Without knowing draw halves I’ll say France v Italy and Holland v a Wildcard maybe England (hardly wild) or a Ukraine rematch.
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