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  1. Well... I watched the Motherwell playback on Alba and decided everyone was getting over anxious. Just watched the St J highlights and honestly thought I was watching wifies fitba. Everything. Touch. Movement. Basic basic stuff completely absent from both sides. eeech.
  2. Can’t help feeling Scott Brown would have a big role in that. Would depend what side he fell on.
  3. Correct. Griffiths scored and the radio crossed via Richard Gordon to Fir Park where we were announcing Rooney would be out for the foreseeable. I tend to downplay this one a wee bit as I need convincing DM could cope with a league winning run. But equally hindsight shows there was an equal chance of a pressured Celtic folding.
  4. At what point do you think he ran them close out of interest, apart from about 14 minutes at Hampden, once.
  5. Tangential but a Largs product for sure. The last 5 minutes of David Moyes life. Discuss.
  6. No. They’re unfurling their league flag having refused to fly the one with the sponsors names or be awarded it by a lEague representative
  7. I was thinking about this last night. Said above I think we’re too good a side to get drawn into the real shite. But Glass doesn’t strike me as the type you’d want at the helm if we did. Comes over a bit Robbie Neilson.
  8. If only we had a photo and a headline. Glass. Bike. Getting on. Think damn it Think.
  9. Yes but be fair. Milne gave us another 19 years of mediocre knowing our place averageness before finally buggering off We’ll always have that.
  10. Yes. Because he appears to realise this is unacceptable. Whether he acts is a different matter of course.
  11. Tell Saints we have a cracking currently jobless alternative waiting in the wings.
  12. Don’t see a relegation threat yet. There is still some serious pish below us. But we will strive to and will achieve mid table mediocrity.
  13. Aye if ever there was a player shown A LOT of patience... Like Langfield levels of patience...
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