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  1. Many years ago now, my wife and I were having dinner with my best man and his wife. I asked him how his family were doing, he told me that his mum had just been diagnosed with Ms, at which point I started laughing uncontrollably to the point of tears. I felt awful, but just couldn't stop. Now, the reason for my reaction wasn't that I was amused by his mother's diagnosis, not at all, but the previous evening I had viewed an episode of family guy in which Peter confronted his former bully only to be told by his son not to beat up said bully as he has MS, to which Peter replys "a monkey scrotum, even more reason to beat him up" . I still wince to this day whenever reminded of the event.
  2. Pointless loaning anybody from them without the option to buy. We're turning into their fucking colts team. Get this shit to fuck.
  3. I prefer a vindaloo, or a phall if I don't need to leave the house the next day.
  4. I believe that the sell on percentage is 17.5, which is decent. As for the add ons, not a clue.
  5. Sold. I'll drive the wee fucker down the road myself.
  6. He was brilliant in airplane and the naked gun films.
  7. Have two poorer quality sides ever contested a European final before.
  8. Hahaha, stupid hun cunts. Go fuck yourselves.
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