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  1. I completely agree with you there. I simply think he should now be given the chance to put a run of good performances and results together. If he loses the next 4 he should undoubtedly be shown the door.
  2. I think today should buy glass a bit more time to prove that he can turn it around. I'd give it till the end of November and reassess then. It would be great if he could do it and start really picking up a head of steam. For now he will have my full support.
  3. Dave, shove your graphs and pie charts up your arse. GOALS Its all about GOALS. YAAAASSSS!!!.
  4. I really thought he should have been gone after the loss to Dundee. If the players really are still behind him, they owe him a big performance today. Hopefully they can do it for him against hibs and kick on from there. Its now or never time. COYR!!
  5. Be bat bat bat a boom Bat bat bat a boom Be bat bat bat a boom He's the stat man.
  6. Hibs may score more goals than us today, but by fuck, I bet we out stat these bastards, not to mention the absolute thrashing we'll give them in the data, which according to our chairman, is what really matters. So hibs, score all the meaningless goals you want, we'll have more possession, more shots, more corners etc.
  7. I actually forgot we even had mcgeouch.
  8. Alright Millertime, don't lay an egg. I was merely saying, with us hopefully looking for a new manager soon and solskjaer probably looking for a new job, might it be an idea to consider someone like him instead of the usual boring predictable suggestions. Sorry if I offended you. It's not like I'm the Aberdeen fc head of recruitment and he's number 1 on my short list. You do seem like quite a fragile soul. Is everything OK.
  9. Ole gunnar solskjaer. He'll be looking for a new job soon.
  10. Release him from his contract and just play with 9 outfield for the rest or the season. Probably won't notice any difference.
  11. I'm starting to really detest this huffy wee twat. He offers the team nothing at the moment. Pull your head out of your arse or fuck off you wee hun prick.
  12. Absolutely no point in persevering with glass any longer. Whatever it is that he is trying to do clearly isn't working and isn't going to. Get someone in now who isn't completely clueless while there is still time to salvage something out of this season. His sacking should be announced by the morning, otherwise we are just wasting time. Get him to fuck. Oh and cormack can fuck off too.
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