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  1. You're a mental deficient. Honestly, reading your posts causes me actual pain, you're dreadful, probably the worst on here, and thats saying something when your up against the likes of red yawn and millermong. You need to try to better yourself, really, take a long look at yourself and figure out what makes you the way you are and fix it. Please, for yourself if nothing else.
  2. Absolutely hate these aswell, but not as much as when they make that stupid heart shape with their hands. What the fuck is that all about. These are grown men. Get a fucking grip.
  3. He just needs to change his name to the Prince Andrew. That way he can keep his title's claiming that he is the same Prince Andrew while simultaneously denying any of the rapey pedo stuff by claiming that it was the old Prince Andrew. I know what your thinking, that sounds fucking ridiculous, but.....
  4. Again though, what point are you trying to make with your supermarket lasagna analogy.
  5. Exactly. I can't see what this, in any way has to do with Aberdeen and our value of Calvin Ramsay.
  6. Aldi is a much bigger organisation globally than Sainsburys and can absorb more of the cost. Aldi also don't waste money on expensive shelving and fancy store trimmings. I fail to see what point you are trying to make here.
  7. I produce my own, its better than both. Mine costs substantially more than both. Why do you think that is?
  8. Yeah, I thought May was going to be a great signing. I was at his debut against Dundee, he looked like his old self, but it was down hill from there. In reality he was a shadow of the player who left St Johnston. I always felt a bit sorry for the guy.
  9. I'd maybe add Barry Nicholson to a slightly lesser extent, I was absolutely delighted when we signed severin, didn't expect it.
  10. Coming from a fucking weegie. People in Glass houses and all that.
  11. If not, someone should be getting fired.
  12. This guy is going to be brilliant. Have a little faith. Good luck Dante and welcome aboard.
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