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  1. I know. What a pointless article. The thing that confused me the most though is that they had to compile a table of stats to figure out what is glaring obvious to everybody else.
  2. Rangers have had the most penalties awarded and fewest conceded, with Celtic closely following them, in a new table of statistics compiled for the Scottish Premiership over the last five years. (Scottish Sun) How surprising.
  3. I thought I would start this one since we won last time I did. I think we'll win. I'm going for 3-0,in hope rather than expectation.
  4. I hope thee wee dick got booked for that. Some of the modern players are a fucking embarrassment.
  5. I really like Idles aswell. Every album is class.
  6. Time for old rod to be chained up in the coal shed and humanely shot like a once beloved family pet that has gone rabid. He should be truly ashamed of himself for that piece of god awful trash. Fuck you rod, fuck you.
  7. Nah, he's total garbage. I think it's time we had him put down.
  8. If this were to happen, then I'm done. I'll find myself a local junior team to follow. Mind you that would have to be a lowland league team which has the huns and celtics b teams, so fuck that idea too. I might just give up on football altogether. It's becoming increasingly tiresome anyway. I need to find something to replace it that won't ruin my life every weekend.
  9. Hate to split hairs, but that's actually the definition of stupidity, not insanity. Otherwise I completely agree with what you say.
  10. The board should, (but almost certainly won't) act quickly now and replace glass to allow whoever takes over to try and fix things in January. We are currently staring down the barrel of a relegation battle. If the teams below us win their games in hand we're in the play off position. I'm starting to get a little nervous.
  11. Yes. Unless there is substantial investment in a significant number of other clubs in the top league, and I can't see that happening any time soon with that clown Doncaster at the helm, Happy to accept sky's pocket change for a TV deal (I assume that the top two teams still split the majority of this) and barely manages to get sponsorship deals. Scottish football desperately needs teams like Aberdeen, hibs, hearts and Dundee United to be capable of putting in a challenge, however due the the powers that be, the game in Scotland has over the last 20 odd years been engineered to ensure that only two clubs can win.
  12. I know, but maybe he should try finding a more constructive way to amuse himself, rather than trying to wind up strangers on the Internet. Then again, maybe his life is so incredibly shit that getting a rise out of people on here is the only way that he can feel like his life is in some small way not a complete waste of time.
  13. don corleone

    Day Trading

    Tuesdays a shit day for me, I'll swap someone for a Thursday. I really like Thursdays.
  14. Steve Albini. His body of work is incredible,both as an artist in his own right and a producer for others.
  15. He should be sent back in January irregardless of what the deal is. He offers absolutely nothing to the team. If we have nobody better coming through who could be given a chance then we might aswell give up now. Longstaff is rubbish.
  16. You're a small, small, fragile little man.
  17. I've had to turn bbc radio Scotland off. Charlie Adam is a disgusting, cretinous, stain if a human being.
  18. Women's football is dreadful. It does not deserve the coverage it gets. What annoys me most about it at the moment is that the women's teams are now referred to as Scotland, arsenal or Chelsea for example, where as the men's teams are now referred to as Scotland men's team, arsenal's men's team and Chelsea mens team. I recently caught a bit of a womens champions league match, and honestly, I've watched pub league matches of higher standard.
  19. I think in the current climate that a statue of a local sporting icon taking the knee should replace this monstrosity. I vote for Neil Simpson showing us all how it should be done.
  20. Agreed. Tear the fucking thing down and replace with one of God.
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