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  1. three stuck in my mind Babyshambles at Moshulu, Oasis at AECC for BHN tour and Roses in Music Hall for Second Coming I feel sorry for the children of today - they are fucked
  2. Bad_Mobby

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    That spray stuff is alright mate here is addicted to it - I take a few blasts now and again
  3. Bad_Mobby

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    Whenever Almondo’s name crops up, this cracker always has to be shared
  4. Bad_Mobby

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    A pint of spunk? he must have sucked off about 70 blokes (or eaten 10 curries)
  5. It’s nae that bad i was there the other weekend (picking up a package ) La Mata beach is the best there
  6. Bad_Mobby

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    Definitely fucked up a few years back a few of us @milne_afc included, drove down to Manchester to see The SR’s arrived out in central Manc quite late and ordered heaps of steaks, just as they were just closing up for the night - I could feel the resentment and taste the hate in the steak (was bloody starving though, so what you don’t know won’t hurt you) didn’t help that we were wasted jocks either
  7. Bad_Mobby

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    Chicken Tikka Mansalsa
  8. Bad_Mobby

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    Good prank though Jizzfrezi
  9. Gave our lemon tree to an old couple here we know The lemons it grew were top notch (had them in G&T’s)
  10. Eating 7 mens jizz last night?
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