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  1. Already been announced has it not as he’s the “pathways manager” or whatever its called
  2. Ach well was fun while it lasted
  3. We also have a spare number 7 shirt for this season……..
  4. But then what do the club do with the existing land they have at cormack park? do they sell off the land,? expand cormack park? build a wee one stand ground for the ladies and youth teams?
  5. They do, but the have the upper hand with the negotiating.
  6. I can only see us moving to the beach if there is some financial benefit to the club as opposed to moving to kingsford, the club are in a good position to negotiate with the council as they already have permission and the land to build the new stadium.
  7. When does pre season start? can see all these new signing being announced on day 1
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