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  1. I think after last night we know who Tom English was getting his info from last season when the Hibs game was a “must win”. English awkwardly stuck up for our start of the season performances in case he was dropped in it by Cormack as being one of the afore mentioned sycophants - problem is, DC’s ego doesn’t recognise that these journalist will be quite happy to privately tell him how right he was to help ensure they get direct access for any future titbits.
  2. It’s a shame none of the pundits have watched enough of us to ask why we never look like scoring, no matter the shots and stats. John Collins himself admitted he’d only seen the highlights and stats - if he’d seen 90 minutes then I’m sure he’d get a sense of how deep the possession is and where our shots are coming from. Having said that, great entertainment from Dave. If only the team had such gusto. Unfortunately, Dave’s now entrenched himself and might struggle to make the right call. He’s made this personal, so he now has to overcome embarrassment, as well as the pain of firing someone.
  3. I wouldn’t say it was a public show of support! If it was a show of support then the club activities would continue as there would be confidence and belief in the process. He’s essentially put his leadership platform on hold until the team improves - now, how long can he put it on hold for? That’s the question. Instead of support, he’s essentially fired the starting pistol.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Was this in the past or recent?
  5. What’s the script? My wife was trying to get me to sponsor him
  6. I was aiming to highlight that even a middle aged man on a message board could identify the potential problems. I am absolutely aware you would struggle to do anything of any value.
  7. Darren Eales struggles to appoint a manager for Atlanta, never mind Cormack being the one that’s leading him down the proverbial path. I’ve highlighted this before. Atlanta are on their 4th coach in 5 years… Look at who’s on our board - it makes for terrible reading. Board of Directors: Tom Crotty (Venture capitalist) Darren Eales (4 managers in 5 years at AUTD) Stewart Milne ( the most experienced…) Zoe Ogilvie (A PR vessel) Kevin MacIver (finance) Robert Wicks (commercial - good guy) We had a great chance to prove how Scottish Football is ruined by the establishment dinosaurs, instead, we’ve validated them. I highlighted the ~25% win stats for Glass and showed that in his two years at AUTD he was conceding 2 goals for every 1 scored. I highlighted the need for an experienced DOF to be appointed before the manager. I highlighted Atlanta’s lack of footballing success and experience, even though they’ve had superb commercial success due to a huge captive audience and being invited into a protected franchise model. The governance and leadership of our club doesn’t seem to be built on analysis or good judgement. It’s built on believing American capitalism will make us successful. For the record, I voted yesterday to give Glass the full season. Why? Because the board must learn. We don’t generate a billion of revenue like Atlanta and we can’t afford to buy our way out of poor leadership decisions like AUTD. Our decision making must be considered and involve people who have the experience to make the most informed decisions possible. Sacking Glass prematurely will allow our board to pretend Glass may have worked out and they might not take full responsibility. It would also lay the responsibility on Glass and not Dave Cormack, Darren Eales and Steven Gunn. Steven Gunn is in no way qualified to lead, support and direct Glass. If I were him I’d be trying to hire a respected football brain to support his decisions - if he makes any. It’s a shambles. It can’t be repeated. Give glass more time to confirm to us all that there is no one currently at the club who can influence performance on the pitch. The EXACT opposite of the philosophy Dave Cormack discussed. Where the club’s success would be built on foundations allowing coaches and players to leave with no reset in squad or success levels. Turns out that it’s entirely built on the quality of the 1st team manager.
  8. It’s amazing how quickly Considine has turned into Maldini-esque - absence certainly seems to make the heart grow founder with some here. It wasn’t long ago he was only to be used as emergency backup…
  9. Before joining Aberdeen, Glass’ goal difference as a coach was around -30 in the last couple of seasons. His win ratio was around 24% and his teams conceded 2 goals for every 1 they scored. Why do people expect things to get better?
  10. What a joke. Sums up this country’s footballing ambitions
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