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  1. Totally. Imagine having an agent who’s strategy to get his clients’ a move is to under value them in the market, and who also doesn’t write effective contracts to reflect any supposed agreements. What a mug.
  2. Goodwin continues his summer “rebuild”
  3. Nobody has ever wished they stayed in Wycombe.
  4. No dons fan could raise a sevco supporter. Impossible.
  5. Interesting strategy to only let players leave once they have a replacement signed
  6. No chance anyone would offer 3-4m at this stage, with 2 years left. This is Celtic and Genk looking at a cheap punt. Sadly the player would probably multiply his wages by 5 times so we need to close that gap with him
  7. yes co-leader Ian Yuill said, “The Liberal Democrats remain totally opposed to spending any council funds on building a stadium for Aberdeen FC. We wish Aberdeen FC well but do not believe public money should be used to build a stadium at the Beach for the football club.“
  8. He’s not exactly going to say we can fund it ourselves - that would be terrible negotiation. The HUGE potential for this to achieve funding is ensuring it is a showcase of net zero technology - it could be a vanity project for an operator looking to show transformation. Imagine a stadium that is entirely sustainable, and actually goes beyond net zero, and contributes kWh to the city via clean energy capture.
  9. Now get that dog out of my sight… and that’s Crufts…
  10. It’s great to know Goodwin wants us to be like Hearts
  11. Yes. Subconsciously, your little woke mind can’t handle the fact you’ve not seen a legend, hence why you find it hard to define or identify a true legend, but because you’re so entitled, you can’t accept it’s not within your gift to judge. Demonstrated when the best you can come up with is that Andy Considine is a legend because he played 541 times for the club. It’s quite complex, but with hindsight, you’ll reflect in 10 years and admit I’m right. Carry on.
  12. This is what happens when woke dickheads project their sense of entitlement onto a discussion about true club legends. Just because you’ve not witnessed a legend don’t make everyone else lower their standards. I can’t believe someone is suggesting Considine is more of a legend than Gillhaus! Fucking hell. Watching players like Gillhaus, Nicholas, Jess et.al, aka True Legends, was an experience - they gave us experiences to watch - things that we still think or speak about today. Seeing Duncan Shearer’s overhead kick from 18 yards out, or watching Rico lash one in from 20 yards on a dark, wet European night against Torino, or watching Jess collect the ball on the halfway line and thump one past the Gorams and scum in the cup. Fucking experiences, that’s what makes them legends. Not fucking Andy Considine ffs. I’m hopeful you’ll see a true legend play for aberdeen one day, but, until it happens, don’t search for something that doesn’t exist in the pish we’ve endured these past 20 years.
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