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  1. There will not be a referendum as long as Nicola sturgeon is still in power On that note and with no elections forthcoming I'm out for a while
  2. Do you also consider political party’s from another country as gaming the system ( cant think of another country that allows this) south of Scotland was in reply to someone who brought it up so the SNP won 2 seats out of a million votes and you use this to justify your argument.
  3. My mistake Aberdeenshire west nae idea probably just full of selfish cunts.
  4. Majority does not matter as voting system was set up to stop majority’s and along with the Greens they have pro independence majority anyway. Not a bad night for them none the less but my honest opinion is we will never get independence under Sturgeon anyway.
  5. Ayr is part of south Scotland list which gave 3 Tories and 3 Labour so voting for another independent minded party would have made a difference. maybe you need to understand the voting system better
  6. Scotland the only country in the world where you’re denied a majority because too much people voted for you.
  7. This happened because the blinkered only saw two votes SNP pity no one warned you about this eh
  8. Michael Gove on Marr was very interesting re the constitution and UK gov wont now challenge in court. unionists must be raging by his reply’s See he is now on The Sunday Show maybe damage limitation.
  9. @ParklifeIts not true as 5408 list votes for Alba is only worth that to them it would be divided by 10 (9+1) for the SNP probably why it was deleted by original poster
  10. Agree desperate stuff as we can all see SNP 1 and 2 has wasted 1 million list votes no other way of spinning it.
  11. Stammer was asked on Sky News about the Hartlepool result but he abstained on answering.
  12. 952,896 Second votes total for the SNP but only 2 MSPs out of it.
  13. List MSPs with one region to declare
  14. Mid Scotland and Fife returned SNP 0 conservative 4 Labour 2 Greens 1 from the following votes
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