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  1. Man of the match going to be difficult for me Ramsey or Ferguson
  2. Would have also liked to see more games under our belt at this stage. Also prefer to see Hayes on the wing or at least further up the park even though he does well in defence.
  3. Willing for everyone to be given a chance to prove themselves. Having said that not keen on Ojo
  4. Celtic were wanting 30,000 last year when it dropped from 2 to 1 metre
  5. What 18,000 for celtic 1 metre apart thats front back and sides (sounds like a dodgy haircut)
  6. Why are we now only going for 5000 yet hibs are going for 9000 and celtic 18000 if its because of 1 metre social distancing how fucking big are the other grounds.
  7. Wish we would do one in this style but gold instead of the rainbow pish
  8. Leigh Griffiths: Celtic striker sent home from training camp over online messages https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57757971
  9. It looks like he is not getting to pick his own players either the guy Ozase they bought was someone the club have been chasing for a while (unless they asked him)
  10. I would resign Logan to handle the cash.
  11. Hope the clubs tell them to run to fuck with this shit.
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