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  1. Lets do it for walter will extend to the refs with either a penalty to the stench or a sending off for us. Dallas will try his best to make it a day to remember for the huns by sending off Scott Brown
  2. caledonia

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    No its Chris Rea’s brother Di #stoolBritannia
  3. caledonia

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    See the Scottish Tories have voted to allow raw sewage into rivers and waterways ahead of COP26 https://evolvepolitics.com/heres-a-list-of-every-mp-who-just-voted-to-allow-water-companies-to-continue-dumping-raw-sewage-in-our-rivers/
  4. Fuck sake forgot about at one despite being in it many times Was thinking more Aberdeen than Dyce
  5. Looks like your lies have caught up with you as the above must apply too you as you have stated a few times you are an independence supporter. unless of course you were too embarrassed to admit you prefer England running our business. No country succeeds at everything so why should Scotland and independence supporters know Scotland will have its ups and downs just like any other normal country. we also don't feel every aspect of life/policy has to be better otherwise independence cant be done ie you cant be independent because of (incert any excuse here)
  6. Flu jab is for gays well that’s what joe pike told me when he was away to get his.
  7. Not sure who you have mixed me up with but i am not an SNP follower. So its ok to call Scotland out on everything but not England says it all with you bedwetters. Get off your knees man
  8. Wild guess but my money is on NEM or joe pike absolute zoomers
  9. Post a pic of you failing that show us your playlist
  10. Why is it anti English to run your own country. That is the trouble with being on your knees for so long this is your default thinking. Is it anti English to support welsh independence as well or does this only apply to Scotland.
  11. Selfish cunts like you and joe pike who suck the English cock at every opportunity should just fuck off and stay in your beloved England. What a sad way to go through life hating every thing Scottish because praising anything would go against your bed wetting unionism.
  12. joe pike in talking shit mode https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/scotland-not-join-queue-become-eu-member-57407/amp https://news.stv.tv/politics/independent-scotland-could-be-top-of-the-list-to-join-the-eu?top&amp https://theferret.scot/independent-scotland-queue-eu-membership/
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