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  1. I really, really want Glass to turn this around. It will be interesting to see how long Diamond Dave gives him if results don't improve.
  2. BBC have a pretty glowing analysis of his performance at the weekend, so wouldn't be surprised if he's being monitored at the very least. Everton would be a good club for him to go to at some point. They'd need to part with a shitload of cash though - he's our prize asset.
  3. I am getting on plus it's possible my hatred is clouding my memories. I still blame them for ruining the game. You forgot Nigel Spankme in your list.
  4. Just think about what the 'partnership' has given us so far: Jon Gallagher - shite Ronnie Hernandez - crap Jack Gurr - absolute dirt Plus S Glass (so far, quite rubbish)
  5. Clearly Glass is on a work experience assignment from Atlanta Utd, gaining invaluable experience in managing an actual, real club. Remember, even bad experience is still experience and something to learn from.
  6. Been reading about Big Sam and how his goal is going to 'open the floodgates', plus other well used clich├ęs. "Town, meanwhile, welcome Crewe in their first Papa John's Pizza Trophy group tie" How could he possibly be content swapping the glamour of AFC for playing in the guff pizza cup?
  7. Dutch players did well for us in the 80s / early 90s. Zero was decent 50% of the time. The Bulgarians were out and out wage thieves. Scandinavians were average ability, boring. French players.. don't remember them so they must have been shite.
  8. I blame that cunt Souness and the dead club for starting the whole importing of 'big name' players nearing the end of their careers. From that point on, Scottish football was on a slippery slope.
  9. It's so frustrating. I mean, when a lowly (in ranking terms) team from Azerbaijan can fly over here and absolutely, effortless school us, you know the game's a bogey. So since the 90s we've tried a few things to compete. Expensive journeymen foreigners, now less expensive journeymen English and Irish players. What is so difficult about training kids to be good, intelligent footballers? Other countries manage it. Is it our culture?
  10. Scottish Football is shite, agreed, so we need to be looking at how we bring the best quality youngsters in, train them to the highest possible standard, build a decent team with them, then sell them for good money if they fancy a crack at the hallowed EPL or wherever. Our scouting network appears to be extremely limited to say the least. Plus who was the last decent striker we brought through from youth? Scott Booth? I watched Quarabag stroll around Pittodrie zipping passes about without panicking or even breaking sweat. That's trained into them from a very young age. Apologies, gone off on a bit of a tangent there but we'll never compete unless we do something radical.
  11. Well we need to stop operating in that market and ditch the practice of taking a punt on players no-one really wants or whose careers are floundering because, well, they're not very good. We'd be better off investing heavily in our scouting network and youth development. That might take a few seasons to bear fruit but the money we waste on players who clearly aren't good enough to make us the UEFA top 100 team we aspire to be is criminal. What's weird for me is that we seem to have gone backwards since opening Cormack Park and getting into bed with Atlanta.
  12. Let's see. He probably isn't shit to be fair, just another in a long line of bang average players unable to cut it down the road and finding a home at AFC.
  13. Would like a proper definition of 'decent'? I knew Maddison would be brought up. He stood out from the start. A one off and we haven't had a flood of young gifted players following him from down south to emulate his career journey have we?
  14. Put it this way, have we actually signed anyone whose club was desperate to keep them? Nope. Were we fighting off offers from a multitude of clubs at a decent level for our best players? Nope. Do we have a rookie manager with zero experience. Yep. A team of cast offs and has / never beens managed by someone on a work experience assignment. Lovely.
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