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  1. He was on par with Jack Gurr. Fucking woeful
  2. Quite possibly... Another Faux pas by the top dogs. Becoming a recurring theme....
  3. The Scotsman running with a story that we're trying to turn the Scales loan into a permanent deal in the coming months
  4. I'd say i'm happy with the player who's coming in but not happy with the structure of the deal. Basically we have no option on him once the season ends,. I think he's going to do a job for us and it'll be frustrating when he fucks off next summer.
  5. Fit the fuck You sound like some posh cunt from the west end of Aberdeen haha
  6. Ronan hopefully taking up the bulk of that.... what's folks opinion on how the squad is shaping up after the signings so far this week? To me it looks like Goodwin has seen our defence was a holocaust last season ( Wouldn't have taken much to see ) I still think we need some more creativity from the midfield and an out and out striker. Get that Ramsey cash spent Cormack you fucking helmet
  7. I think Gallagher won't be here by the end of the window. Reckon he'll be on a few quid too...
  8. Siegrist away to Celtic. That boats sailed now... We'll be stuck with Lewis and Woods i reckon
  9. Not much chance of that i'm afraid. All three are fucking hopeless
  10. Think i read that he's been training with them during the week because he was on loan at Notts County, So in all possibility they could have become mates. Reading Max Lowe put in a word about us too. There will still be a few from McKennas time with us as he's only been away a couple of years i think?
  11. You'd think he'd have put in a good word about us surely? I agree though that he's probably not arsed about us
  12. Mal did indeed say that in the interview.
  13. I agree. Think he'd be better further up the park. Plenty time for him to find his natural position especially with the coaching he'll get now From Glass to Klopp in the space of 12 months.... When you think about that it's fucking mental
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