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  1. I'd love that to be true but i can't see us getting rid of him this season or next unfortunately unless we go on a horrendous run until the end of the season. The problem is the succession planning won't be happening as Davie boy will want him to succeed, Only fan pressure will force his hand into a knee jerk reaction with little resources having been put in to Glass replacement upto that point.
  2. Nothing to do with not having the time or inclination, It would be because you're full of shit and are looking for a way to validate your apathy Clown
  3. Does my fucking head in when he squeezes that phrase in about 100 times during an interview. Prick
  4. Missed the game last night thankfully due to not being arsed about getting out my bed at 3am to watch it because i didn't fancy us at all.... Sad state of affairs when your not confident of a win at St Mirren. 1 win in 12 away games is horrendous. Throw into the mix the players getting played out of position, Possesision based football with zero end product of midfielders shitting themselves to play a forward pass is a fucking abomination. We have zero creativity when teams are well organised and we resort to getting it out wide and throwing it into the box with no end product. I can't see the pointin persisting with Glass till the end ofthe season because on current form. Our season will be done in the next month or two. We all know he's not going to get his jotters anytime soon as the nepotism in his appointment is blatantly obvious. Cormack has done well off the park since he came in IMO, But nn it.... He's had a fucking holocaust
  5. Looks like a 4 year deal aswell.....
  6. Nice one Hope to fuck we get a result tonight...
  7. Brilliant Would have enjoyed seeing that
  8. Of course it does... Predictable as ever
  9. Nah, I put two and two together that you'd be on there regularly going by your posts on here
  10. You find that on follow follow?
  11. Doig had never played professional football at SPL level infront of a crowd Maybe he's a shitbag and can't handle it. Comparing Ramsey to that bottle merchant is outrageous
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