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  1. Me too. Hampden was packed, it was shoulder to shoulder and piss in the pocket of the man in front of you stuff. The rain hammered down all evening. it was a wonder nobody drowned. That whole campaign was mad. Great wins away to Norway and home to France and really lucky wins against minnows Cyprus, including a 96th minute winner away. We needed a point at home to Norway in the last game to qualify and we were comfortably up 1-0 when Leighton let in a long range shot with a couple of minutes to go (my memory may be fading but I recall the shot coming from somewhere outside the ground). A nervy last few minutes, but then that's the Scotland way.
  2. AFC has proved to be a graveyard for manager careers pretty much since Fergie left. McInnes will join a long list of ex-managers whose career highlight was managing the Dons. The question is whether he goes the route of never managing again (W Miller, Aitken, Brown), managing at a much lower level (Skovdahl, Paterson, Smith, A Miller) or making a few cameo roles where you prove that you really are a crap manager (Calderwood, McGhee). My guess is that he will fall in with the third category, eventually getting sacked by the likes of Kilmarnock or St Johnstone.
  3. Jacob Brown's international career should last all of 5 minutes if that display of headless chickenery is anything to go by.
  4. John M. Caie's poem "The Puddock" should be compulsory reading at every secondary school in the NE.
  5. Those of us really old enough would have made the analogy about King Joey with Bumper Graham, Jarvie, Steve Murray and Dave Robb playing the support roles! But your point was still good.
  6. I’m an optimist usually, but can’t see anything other than a defeat brought about by calamitous defending or goalkeeping. I do expect Watkins to play well, but then get injured.
  7. Shay Logan fixed a leaky tap there?
  8. 2002 World Cup qualifying when we beat both Latvia and the mighty San Marino home and away. Since then, there has been a fair few horror results to the minnows (I'm classing this as the bottom two in the group) in both World Cup and Euro qualifying. A 3-0 gubbing in Kazakhstan, losing to Georgia 2-0 when in a strong position in a group that included Italy and France, 2 draws with the Faroes, losing to Belarus at home, losing home and away to a poor Welsh side. Even in qualifying for the 1998 WC we managed to drop points to Estonia. The odds of Scotland fucking up in the Faroes or Moldova seem reasonable.
  9. The basic tactic in nearly all wifies matches should simply be to punt the ball at the goalie and wait for them to make an arse of it.
  10. The keeper looked anything but 'good' for both Dunfermline goals.
  11. Dear Stephen Glass, This is never going to work out. You inexperience is deafening and your transfer policy embarrassing. Please, for everyone’s sake, fuck off now. regards, everyone with AFCs best interests at heart.
  12. Referee has given all the marginal decisions the way of Saints. We probably need to get used to that for as long as the independent review is on going.
  13. Baldy heeded, highly inbred, royal tosser.
  14. My pathetic input - Rougvie would have torn the limbs off all of them
  15. 3rd defeat in a row, swiftly followed by a 4th midweek is my expectation. Early season optimism shattered and the fan base reduced to writing this off as a re-building year.
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