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  1. Or a repeat of a Calderwood pre-season friendly - https://www.afcheritage.org/sotic/mreport.cfm?fixture_id=4934&squad=Senior
  2. It's the kind of thread that makes you long for the new season to start so everyone can get back to posting about how pish the summer signings are and who should be the next manager.
  3. I was worried it translate to The Cunt or something so I looked it up. Seems to be French for Of the Singer, or Of the Song. Jayden is a Jewish name, so maybe the song is from Yentil.
  4. Armenia are shite, but I really have no desire to see McTominey and Cooper at the back again. This evening's back three look a lot more comfortable.
  5. Best Lester Piggott related song ever?
  6. I'd rather we lose to Ukraine than to a Wales team with Bale and Ramsey in it. Being a lifelong Scotland fan, I'm hoping we beat both but expecting to be disappointed. I'm also hoping for commentary full of war related analogies - bombing forward, attacking the flanks, shooting on sight, went down like he was shot, etc.
  7. 8:42 in and Goodwin says that "the players in our team need to be able to handle the ball". Maybe we should send him a copy of the Laws of the game.
  8. One of my favourite games at Pittodrie. We had Joe Harper so we knew we'd get some goals, I think he got a hat trick that day. Unless I'm mistaken, a young Frank McGarvey was on the scoresheet for the Saints. Scottish football seemed much more enjoyable in those days.
  9. We will have the Kennedy/McLennan combo to look forward to.
  10. The chant "It's a goal, for Henning Boel" is certainly legendary.
  11. It's because the value of a football player is subjective, and so buyers with money can take advantage of desperation.
  12. No way are we keeing a clean sheet today. It's likley Dundee will score before half time and I can't see where a Dons goal is coming from. Gallacher is terrible and we are lucky that Lewis is having a good game. However, the big question is, how the fuck is Bates playing in Scotland's top league? He is utter tripe.
  13. We were terrible in that final. However, the lasting memory was that Steve Ritchie mis-kick turning the Girvan Shitehouse in to a long armed primate at an Indonesian rehabilitation center. Making such an icon of the unwashed masses look so stupid in front of a massive TV audience keeps Ritchie well clear of any of my 'worst of' teams.
  14. Ref in the Ross County v St Mirren game, "Can you just check and see if contact was in or outside the box". VAR ref "Err, sorry, we're watching the Rangers game".
  15. “I can then ask myself why am I hungry – and I am hungry because there is a big game on Saturday." “I then ask myself why am I cold – and I can say because of the game on Saturday." He should just cut his leg off with a kitchen knife and then "I can ask myself why it hurts so fucking much - and I can say it's because I'm a bampot"
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