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  1. Let’s move on, thanks for the memories Andy!
  2. No time for sentiment with jim goodwin’s charge for 3rd place. Thanks for the memories andrew considine. Let’s move on, next!
  3. Niall McGinn scoring for Dundee tonight.
  4. Why’s the press have this before official statement from the club?
  5. I respect your opinion but feel you are premature with demanding a dismissal, give it a month. Take breath, then make a decision. It’ll be an easy decision in a months time either way. Until further notice I’ll give my all to the glass campaign, continues at Motherwell on Saturday. It’s Groundhog Day, it’s going to be electrifying one way or another. COYR
  6. Win the next 3 games and would look ridiculous to sack him, it’s not impossible we still salvage a half decent season. Unlikely I agree, but I’m not chasing him out just yet! COYR
  7. Very, the decision data davey made was huge gamble.
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