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  1. Fancy us to click today. Watkins and Ramirez will rip well apart today. Looking forward to the game.
  2. Fit the fuck was that drop Ball situation all aboot? Hayes looked pissed of so went in to compete it and Beaton pushed him out the way to drop It for goldson. Never seen the fucking likes. Scandalous.
  3. Beatons at it completely expected as we said. Never a free kick the the one they scored from. Ojos yellow ana never given at other end. He’ll do absolutely everything now and more to ensure Aberdeen don’t win here. Kamara late as fuck on Hayes there stopping a breakaway no yellow. I mean we all knew this was going to happen but it’s just sickening seeing it unfold. Can see it a mile away Incoming red for ojo and 1 maybe 2 penos for them.
  4. Give him a contract extension now. He’s got a bit about him clearly. Great show of support for him from his players yesterday.
  5. Yeah I was aware it was him at the game. He’s built like a body builder. Far to big for a footballer. Watkins and Ramirez gave the hun a torrid afternoon.
  6. A great show of support from Ramirez for his manager today was nice to see.
  7. Brave today from Joe pleased for him. Enjoy that clean sheet.
  8. Absolutely agree with this. Thought he was woeful against Celtic but he had a bit about him today and helped our cause.
  9. Lovely goal today and he worked his balls off. Had that ant Middleton impersonator at CB for the hibees riled right up. Well done Christian.
  10. Was such a terrible performance. Body language from the players after going a goal down was just awful the game was lost at that point!
  11. What an awful evening. We looked utterly hopeless. Glass needs relieved now the experiment has been a complete disaster.

    Boxing Fans

    Hattons loon getting given the win there really shows you how corrupt boxing is. Stevie Wonder could see he lost that.
  13. Could not agree more. Utter insanity.
  14. Oh as Classless as they come. Expect nothing less as his father turned up as a pundit for premier sports in one of glass’s first games in charge. A shame it’s all turned out this way as genuinely used to like the guy.
  15. I believe his loon was tweeting about Stevie May at full time today. The money May cost the club and his level of performance whilst here is just one of the many reasons he landed getting his jotters. IRONY
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