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  1. The guy from red tinted specs podcast? I would suggest that would be the case right from the outset. Don’t do it kids, stick to Anchors or top hats with flames coming out the top.
  2. I agree with the part about no need for agent to go the press, certainly no need for the club to put out a petty undignified response but re Miller, he’s not an employee and is well within his rights to speak publicly. it would be odd if his opinion was sought and he didn’t give it. I happen to agree with all his points. The Considine saga was handled very badly by the club and I think if Goodwin had his time over he would deal with it differently. Niavety on his part and I think in his rush to be seen as being strong and ruthless in getting the rid of the dead wood he has made a real error of judgement.
  3. elephantstone78


    Good at riding horses and not so good at paying tax.
  4. He was sliding about tonight like Will Ferrell in blades of glory. As per usual, he did fuck all of note (apart from the sliding). “Vinny” was pish as well, he’s regressing faster than Benjamin Button.
  5. clapped out ford escort or not the driver would be expected to at least steer it round the track without stalling / crashing / knocking down the wee guy waving the flag. Eleven games into his reign: 2 wins 4 draws 5 defeats 1 clean sheet (against relegated Dundee). He hasn’t even played the league champions in this run. It’s quite a feat to take a shite side and actually make them worse. I genuinely wouldn’t have thought that possible.
  6. He’s been market corrected by polvara
  7. Yep. And, will then use it to avoid admitting they were wrong with their crazy unrealistic expectations. Same when Ferguson goes for £3-4M. Anyway, getting £4M would be decent considering he’s played about a dozen good games for us and cost us goals in about half a dozen. I hope I’m being far too sceptical but I will be surprised if JG sees even half of it to spend on a replacement(s)
  8. A dangerous method of crossing the Channel illegally.
  9. Maybe swop them about next season.
  10. Haha could splice into a wee mega mix with forester’s feeble corner straight to the nearest defender, corner was then retaken and he did exactly the same thing with the retake, and, the Dazzler’s penalty against Queen’s Park which cleared the bar and the fence twenty yards behind the goal.
  11. That would be excellent. However, I can’t see that bomb scare of a defence of ours keeping back to back clean sheets. We rode our luck a wee bit against poor old Dundee last week. To do so tomorrow is stretching it.
  12. It appears his ability to spot a player rivals only Dad’s ability to pick a weekly treble.
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