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  1. Yep. really good effort put in by everyone. defence didn’t give everyone heart palpitations and Watkins was especially good. Lovely goal too.
  2. elephantstone78


    The beginning, the middle and the bit at the end.
  3. I just wonder what am missing when it comes to the DOF decision making for some of our signings. I mean the likes of Gallagher you can understand; knows the league, capped internationally, plenty of experience etc. Jet - I can almost sort of understand although it was pretty obvious that a guy with a history of being a lazy waste of space was going to turn out exactly like that. But, the likes of Gurr, Samuels & Jenks? What in the name of all that is holy would make you think they should be signed? Why have such an unbalanced squad. Imagine if Ramirez gets injured who are our central strikers? Jet? Watkins? This is the frustrating thing, we are a shambles in every facet of our club. recruitment - garbage overall on the evidence to date. tactics- poor. Too easily nullified and countered coaching - as we are getting worse at a rapid pace we can chalk this up as another failure players attitude- we don’t yet look like the crestfallen side that Mcinnes inherited but we are not far off. Glass gets the most ire as he’s the public face and that’s only correct as if we were doing well he would get the most credit. But, he’s only partly to blame for the total shitshow that we are witnessing
  4. Considering our modus is to play free flow attacking football then I would hope for a lot more goals than we actually have achieved. Not sure converting a pitifully low % of corners and dead balls is worthy of praise tbh.
  5. Exactly. it’s pathetic how easily a significant portion of our fan base can be gaslight by him. All he has to do is rattle off a lot of absolute drivel, have subtle digs at rangers (1 trophy in 3 years) and be seen to shout at the nasty rangers supporting pundit and people lap it up. Let’s not forget the fundamentals amidst all the bullshit.
  6. It saves time waiting on us conceding the first goal and then losing the game. it just makes the whole process more efficient. Get the boos in nice and early to show displeasure and then no need to witness the inevitable shitshow that follows when the game starts.
  7. Stereo in renfield lane has them as does Strathclyde union iirc. Terrible idea for ladies as when forced to use cubicles guys generally just pish all over the seats rendering their visits a most annoying experience. was in stereo with the good lady pre lockdown and she vowed not to return because of it. Guys are filthy bastards and should have their own toilets was her view. Her wokeness was temporarily abandoned.
  8. However, try calling a pole a German. Doesn’t go down well. That’s more xenophobia rather than racism in any case.
  9. That would also describe Californication for me (tv series not album)
  10. In the recent times article he said he spent the the time working with the defenders on not switching off. Running the same plays over and over to improve concentration. You read that and think that’s good only for the first game post break to see us concede the same type of goals as we were doing previously. So, either the defenders are shite and incapable of improving or the training drills are ineffective, or both.
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