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  1. Where did you visit on Saturday parky? Can’t imagine a stag do is as much fun wit the early closing and lack of clubs / chicken dippers
  2. elephantstone78


    I liked the one that used to wander into a newsagent and steal a packet of crisps every day. Wasn’t that in Aberdeen or somewhere in Scotland?
  3. Tommy - mrs soprano as new LA police chief ruffling some feathers within the ranks of the boys in blue. only watched ep1&2. . Decent enough. so far she’s helped jail a pedo Hispanic millionaire business leader and foisted the young daughter of an incarcerated single mother (who said business leader has probably abused) onto her daughter to look after. also started the latest sinner. Liked the first 2 but this has started so slowly it is proving hard to persevere with.
  4. apropos for this thread Lots of Glasgow city centre streets closed off for filming a movie, heard someone say it’s the new Indiana Jones one. Loads of bunting and stars & stripes banners welcoming back astronauts from a successful moon landing.
  5. I told you why republicans said they don’t want it. Hurts many small and rural businesses. Traditional supporters of republicans are rural states and small business owners. They also largely oppose everything democrats do but that’s not their “official” reason. I don’t think my views are hard nosed or traditional, certainly not on most topics. I’m what would be regarded as progressive. yes, best avoid cliches like drinking the kool-aid. You’re better than that. saying stuff about doing away with billionaires might make you feel like proper socialist but the reality is that it’s just childish vacuous nonsense. As RF said better to try and make actual real differences to millions of lives by passing proper thought out legislation that will not simply be replaced or repealed at the first opportunity. improving rights, increasing pay, providing more training and apprenticeships, better infrastructure etc. less arguing on statues, trans toilets and cancel culture.
  6. There’s a lot to unpack there consi. Whilst I broadly agree with your overall sentiment IMO you have an overly simplistic childish view on lots of matters. if we take one pt- the one about Corps lobbying governments in USA to keep wages low. Whether they do or not it’s irrelevant. Governments (either federal or state) are beholden to their voters not corporations. At the start of this year the democrats tried to get a min $15 per hour wage introduced as part of their covid aid package. This was blocked, not by Amazon or Walmart but by the fact the republicans didn’t want it and it needed some of their senators to vote for it in addition to democrats. The reason they gave for voting against it was because they said it will hurt lots of small businesses who couldn’t afford the rise. A study said it would lift millions out of poverty but cost over a million jobs. Now, this could be bull shit but it’s undeniable that a struggling mom and pop store will find it harder to pay it than Amazon. Of course flip side is lobbyists wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have influence but it’s a complex issue is my point. would I support a higher min wage, yes. Would I like bezos to give away lots of his money, yes. Do I think billionaires shouldn’t exist ? Pointless question as they do. Bernie sanders proposed a sort of windfall tax on firms eg Amazon that benefited hugely in the pandemic. That seemed a good idea to me but of course it went nowhere. i am sure I read bezos is stepping back to concentrate more on philanthropy and gave away billions ($10bill) to help fight climate change. And Warren Buffett the investor has signed up to give away 99% of his fortune. anyway, fuck typing anymore on a phone so I admire your principles and your fire. Let’s hope you still have them when you’re a well off guy in your 40s or 50s with a big house and fancy car.
  7. That’s the grown up version of consi’s viewpoint
  8. Love the crossword episode And the balloon/ make a wish foundation one in fact, most of them (saves time)
  9. Apparently James Cameron dreamt about a robot that would relentlessly pursue its human prey. he then went on to create avatar. makes you think
  10. elephantstone78


    I’m pretty certain that “big pharma” aren’t too bothered if you don’t get it. AZ distributing it at cost. what size of pharma are you happy with? Boots the chemist? Or is it all the pharmaceutical sector that you’re against?
  11. elephantstone78


    False equivalency IMO. not even remotely similar in any way.
  12. Haha yeah someone sent me a WhatsApp of this. Worked a treat. Like a firework or fountain bursting into life
  13. I like the way both sides are celebrating the ceasefire and claiming a victory. Death toll over past 11 days has been something like 12 palestine 220 palestinians would be best served by telling hamas to fuck off. They’re like an incompetent manager dragging them into the depths of a relegation battle, then celebrating a 4-1 defeat
  14. elephantstone78


    Nah. Much less. About half are ethnic. Half of those Pakistani. Re level 3, as much as it’s a massive pain in the arse I see it as a fuck you to the orcs for last weekend. If you let them off with no repercussions then it undermines everything the government has tried to do re lockdown. They have fucked it and they should know it.
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