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  1. Was never coming back. Thanks for the goals and 101 different ways to fall on your arse.
  2. These things should of been left a bit longer before being dealt with. Totally agree. Hope he proves me wrong but i think Goodwin is way out of his depth here.
  3. Ok maybe gash is a bit strong but he has been a shadow of the Player he has been for us. He has not been at the standard he was at the last two seasons. If you are happy with a few pens then good luck to you. If he has scored that one at Tynecastle things may have panned out differently. People thought he'd kick on again after Brown leaving. he hasn't/ He has struggled. Barron has performed better.
  4. Ferguson was gash when Brown was here and hes been gash since he has been gone. McCrorie not much better. Whether another manager could of got them to play a better tune who knows. We could of certainly done with Brown till the end of the season. Terrible decision from Goodwin. One of many so far.
  5. He was on a worse run than Glass at the start of the season. I had my doubts about him. I know he needs to get boys in but who’s going want to come here? I’m fucking fed up to the max.
  6. Yer nae wrong bud. Like watching Solberg Whyte Andy Mayer etc. honking
  7. How’s the keeper coach giving instructions? Is Hayes on for Lewis?
  8. The woman’s side are weak in the middle. Good shout.
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