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  1. jamiesd


    Sure it was the whizz? Sounds like long covid.
  2. jamiesd


    I haven't got time as i just plough my way through Joe Rogan podcasts in-between my hospital shifts. Takes up all of my time.
  3. Wednesdays line up could be scary. Ojo back in midfield? Could be a real Calderwood tombola job.
  4. Watched the first one. Fair bit of friction with Paul and George at one point. Ringo is quality, he just looks pissed all the time.
  5. Just seen the match reaction from the boss. Deluded.
  6. I’ll take the bait. He has been fucking rank.
  7. Decent after the penalty. Regroup and get Gurr cutting oranges
  8. jamiesd


    Ah the Inspirals, so overlooked at the time. Great band
  9. Had never heard of it, looked it up........all over that this evening. Cheers.
  10. jamiesd


    Not sure. Got it through unofficial websites. It was a showtime production if that helps....
  11. could it of been his head knock? it was a strange one
  12. Young Dean needs a run of games alongside Brown. I have no doubt he would really benefit from that. Feel sorry for the loon being thrown in at the back. Id have him in midfield before Ferguson at the moment. Just my opinion mind......
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