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  1. We’ll be relegated this season so won’t have to worry about any new stadiums. 75 million is never gan to happy unless one oh us wins the euro millions and is daft enough to invest
  2. After all the dog shite players we’ve had to endure they treat a club legend like this. Fuck Afc, Fuck Cormack & Fuck Goodwin
  3. It’s my daughters first away day, start them young.
  4. Oliver Stone was director just released last month I think
  5. Get Thomson in, good mates we Brown and done some job at Kelty. We didn’t have a problem we Deeks past so Thomson’s shouldn’t ether.
  6. The new JFK doc is good viewing
  7. The clip is savage, but fortunately not savage enough not to have a couple chugs tae
  8. Why the fuck does everyone want him sold ? 18 year old, contracted till 24 or 5 and Aberdeen born and bred.
  9. Maybe get a new row oh seats in the Shed for our 200k
  10. Shortened to Gurr & Gallagher shite Pavlova nae utter shite
  11. The how good was that Interview after scudding the Huns out oh both cups. His time was up but we had some good times
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