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  1. Glass goes then Brown goes, better taking Lennon ln to keep Brown at the club
  2. Did he nae say there would be another Q&A when he was ranting on radio. Nae Chance oh that now Shat it
  3. Campbell will slot Into Browns position so hardly worth worrying about
  4. After that rant on Sportsound by Cormack Glass is gan nowhere. We’re fucked
  5. How many of those mice do you think you could fit up your arse ?
  6. You need fenced in tae keep you away fae normal folk it’s only a game oh fitba gadje
  7. Gerrard may want the players but he doesn’t decide how much to bid for them. Every club chairman knows they’re skint so any bids will be considered.
  8. Must be a nice change on pace from spending their time we rape victims
  9. I’d rather see those mongs go into meltdown again
  10. I heard you were partial to a fag or twa
  11. Working class folk don't have Drivers & Butlers
  12. He just doesn’t want to get any shit off fans, he’s not staying
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