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  1. This is absolutely hopeless. They are going to score a few today. So predictable
  2. I hope we can do something here but I have a really bad feeling about this. The general malaise we have is not good before a game like this. I hope Glass has them up for it and we go for the siege mentality after last weeks farcical events
  3. One positive. It’s over quickly. This would be way worse a few months from now if we had persisted.
  4. Surely we have to change it. Surely Cormack is going to sack him tomorrow morning. This experiment is done. It’s over with. Get Stephen Glass out of that job. He is not and never will be a manager.
  5. This has to be it surely. In a way I’m glad because hopefully this shit show will be over before it’s too late. Plenty of the season left once he’s gone to sort our shit out.
  6. A draw is not good enough. I’m still raging. What a shambles we are. Get glass out
  7. That’s it for me. Get to absolute fuck Glass. This is an utter disgrace. An utter utter disgrace.
  8. Was annoyed earlier on but I genuinely don’t see Cormack making a change anytime soon. Glass will get until January at the earliest I reckon.
  9. There must have been some really good candidates. Even Maloney would have been a risk but he’s at least been working with top level footballers and managers.
  10. I think we have to be very careful about the ‘giving it time’ school of thought. we could very well be dragged into a relegation battle by the end of October. How long is too long is the problem? The league is a lot stronger this year which doesn’t help either
  11. Surely he must have some play time guaranteed though?
  12. Glass was not the best candidate. Honest to fuck. Does that Colgate arse think we are all stupid! Glass is never a 1st team manager. He’s managed ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE!! Yet he’s given the gig of a team fighting to get to the group stages of European competition. Absolute madness. Get this experiment to fuck and put a manager who knows what he is doing in there. I don’t give a shiny shite if it’s Davidson, Alex Neil etc etc. Just sort out our season or we are going to be fighting relegation. We aren’t even playing attractive attacking football either. It’s been absolutely shite. It’s like McInnes but even worse in defence.
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