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  1. Useless clown just noticed he hadn’t put the game back on.
  2. What a grim watch. I don’t think Polvara or Mclennan would get a game for Buckie. Vinnie at least wanting to make things happen. We really need creative players.
  3. Decent shot stopper on his day but the constant flapping with high balls into his box caused a lot of problems last season and panics with the ball at his feet. Proper competition/ new number one is definitely needed.
  4. Lack of professionalism is exactly one of the the main issues. Scottish players looked a lot less fit, it’s the same through the youth teams. I watched the last couple of televised youth games and we got destroyed. Really don’t see it changing either, been the same shite for 25 years. Couple of “decent” players surrounded by crap like Hanley and Dykes. Horrible to watch.
  5. He’s just finished speaking about lazy recruitment. No way is that his signing that’s going to excite fans. And he will know it.
  6. I like pretty much every bring about Goodwin. I really hope he can deliver these ideas and is backed properly.
  7. We don’t need the negative effect players that don’t want to be here have on the squad. Ferguson is arguably our best player but with good recruitment and the money talked about, will be replaceable. Ramirez needs to go aswell.
  8. What’s not fair? The lad Isaac got named, he’s a good player too.
  9. Ginger lad Mikey Milnes is the ex east end player. Played cm at boys club level. How did he get on?
  10. Agreed, no one can question his commitment, attitude and positive impact on the squad in his time here. With the experience he’s gained in England aswell I think it would be quite a good signing.
  11. Imagine having your worst season in years, nearly 10 failed signings last Pre season, trying to sell season tickets to an already unimpressed fan base, just lost the guts of 8 first team players and your first signings announced is Nicky Clark. Surely nae?
  12. *More Aberdeen fans in our team. The more boys in the squad and like DC said around the club the better.
  13. I think it would be great to have an actual Aberdeen fan in the side, he’s had a decent career. All for Grimmer signing.
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