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  1. Aberdoom ? crikey. Can't stand Todders, but i've said The Pitt a few times.
  2. He posts some weird cryptic stuff with the emojis, but i've not seen much racism from him. I know someone else posted up supposedly someones house on here last week, now that's not on, as well as the bullying, no ban.
  3. 1. Joe Lewis 2. Ross McCrorie 3. Jack MacKenzie 4. Liam Scales 10. Vicente Besuijen 15. Marley Watkins 18. Connor McLennan 21. Dante Polvara 23. Ryan Duncan 25. Jayden Richardson 28. Jack Milne.
  4. Match stream £10 per stream and the coverage will start approx. 20 mins before kick-off. To purchase the game, please click here: Spiideo Play or use the full web address https://play.spiideo.com/games/1a3e9bf7-cfd5-4201-9693-0f2a5314fa1e
  5. The Cockney Don


    It's made a bit of a comeback this month in Scotland & England.
  6. There'll probably be another vote in two years time, and i reckon Yes will win it by a small margin. Hope things won't go tits up for Scotland.
  7. Kronenbourg can pint. Victoria Malaga bottle 660ml #now.
  8. What the fucks TAA ? Tits And Arse .
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