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  1. I'd only keep Hoban of those out of contract. McGinn, Taylor and Logan will all be on very decent wages. Will give the new manager a chance to rebuild the side.
  2. Really pleased with what Cormack had to say. He's got my backing. I trust he'll make the right appointment. Glad he took aim at the media and pundits in this country.
  3. Hibs have just sealed third spot. "Zero contact on Boyle there, it's blatant from Boyle. He's on a yellow and is lucky to stay on. Clear and obvious error from John Beaton" "Ross County just don't clear their lines and Nisbet is alive at the back post. The conditions have helped that there, the rain has allowed it to get to Nisbet." Sums up our season. They've had all the breaks and we haven't.
  4. He absolutely is overrated.
  5. I'd be more then happy for us to sell Ferguson. Good player in the SPL but he's overrated. Reinvest some of the profits into the first team.
  6. I'm game for Sven. Likeable character and would have a wealth of knowledge and contacts. He alone could help attract a certain calibre of player.
  7. Steve Paterson was something different. Ebbe Skovdahl was something different. Its a lazy appointment. I listened to the Here We Go podcast and the Atlanta guy was making excuses for his dreadful interim spell as the Atlanta Manager. I rightly have massive reservations over this potential appointment.
  8. Obviously a premature reaction and one I expect backlash for however I'll be in utter disbelief if Glass is appointed the new manager. We currently hold the most attractive managerial position outside the OF and this potential appointment wreaks of a complete lack of ambition from the board and would show they haven't performed their due diligence. It's a lazy appointment. This isn't the type of appointment that is going to entice folk to buy a season ticket. Definitely a cost cutting exercise similar to the days of Paterson. Glass' reputation as a player and coach isn't going to attract players to join us. I'm becoming increasingly more apathetic towards the club. However I'll back him.
  9. Quite an inspiring article. I've said it before. I want Goodwin in. Presently the best young manager in Scotland and has done very well at both Alloa and St Mirren. If we are going for a left field appointment - Shaun Maloney.
  10. I wouldn't be adverse to the appointment of Shaun Maloney. Would much prefer him over Glass.
  11. Exactly. I'll be utterly bemused and disappointed if Glass turns up at Aberdeen. Would be a terrible lack of ambition and would have me seriously questioning Cormack.
  12. Graham Hunter claims he spoke to the new Aberdeen manager last night. An ex player of Aberdeen. I really hope it isn't Stephen Glass. Would be massively underwhelming. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/graham-hunter-aberdeen-manager-hint-23639932
  13. This articles suggests it could potentially happen. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9339989/Derek-McInnes-leaves-Aberdeen-eight-years-charge.html
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