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  1. Parklife

    In the News

    Clearly a lie tbh.
  2. The indefatigability of you boys when it comes to arguing is top notch. I can't be fucked reading it but fair play to you all for the stamina.
  3. Apologies. I just get frustrated. Why do you think the aforementioned effete Etonian cunts who care not a jot about Scotland are the best people to govern Scotland? Why do you have more faith in them than fellow Scots?
  4. You can be a hun, or a Tory, or a sad wee pathetic subservient loser who's happy having their entire country controlled by effete Etonian cunts who don't give a fuck about it. History tells us that's the main 3 unionist groups.
  5. Parklife

    In the News

    How do you ascertain the cause of every single persons illness? You surely can't. How do you ascertain the individual cost of treating a particular patient? You surely can't. Im sure there's been broad brush studies looking in to it, making a heap of assumptions and drawing deeply flawed conclusions though.
  6. Parklife

    In the News

    So many words. So little of substance said.
  7. Parklife

    In the News

    You surely can't possibly ascertain the cause of every illness and therefore the cost of treating all "tobacco related diseases".
  8. Parklife

    In the News

    It's almost like everything he types is founded on prejudice, rather than reality.
  9. So beaten down by the absolutely garbage weather we get in this country that folk are describing 18 degrees and incessant 15mph winds as "fantastic" weather.
  10. Parklife

    In the News

    There's surely no way to know that?
  11. Indeed. We should process their applications at an appropriate speed, while also letting them work and contribute to the community while they await the outcome.
  12. Parklife

    In the News

    I dunno what you two are arguing about now. Just clicked on the thread, saw that post and it made me laugh. I mind watching the skateboarding at the Olympics last year. A 13 year old UK athlete (who I'd previously stumbled across skating on Venice Beach when I was in LA) won bronze.
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