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    Josh Taylor will be going some to get close. He's certainly a star though. Here's hoping he defends those belts for years to come. I saw him win gold in Glasgow. The guy looked a star since then.
  2. Probably shouldn't get involved in tennis chats then.
  3. Parklife


    Not angry at all. Just sticking up for my country's greatest ever sportsman. An absolute legend. A hero among men.
  4. Parklife


    Here, fuck you. tosser.
  5. Yes. When he was ranked #1 in the world. Your lack of knowledge is hilarious. Sit doon.
  6. Exactly. The attitude that if you're not the best in the world anymore, you should just give up is laughable IMO.
  7. Parklife


    Definitely. Could've and should've been handled so much better. I'm just glad the right outcome has been reached.
  8. Parklife


    Buffalo scoring a TD on every possession apart from their last (which was 3 kneel downs to end the game). An absolute clinic. They'll take some beating if Josh Allen stays in that form.
  9. Parklife


    Unlucky, Novak. Hope he's spent fortunes on his legal team too.
  10. He's not being embarrassed. He's playing tennis to a high level. Yes, it's not the high level he was once at but i for one am loving seeing him playing and competing for titles again. I never thought I'd get to see it again. He's loving it and so are his fans.
  11. Grown men fighting in a pub. LOL. Absolute loser behaviour.
  12. Parklife


    They've been awful the last month. I've backed the Bills to cover the spread. I think they'll win comfortably.
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