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  1. That's strange. As you said the below in response to someone who'd said "don't let her believe she has a genuine mental health problem.
  2. Maybe she's already been diagnosed and had treatment but didn't want it to take away her olympics Who knows? Wasn't she coached and abused by Larry Nassau, or whatever his name is? I'd imagine that people Who've went through that often suffer from things like PTSD, or other mental difficulties. Especially when in order to pursue their dreams, they're forced to represent the organisation that allowed it to happen. Maybe she shouldn't have went to the olympics if she was struggling. Maybe she should've been more upfront. Maybe she should've fucked off and not supported her teammates. None of us know much about it all, yet most are quick to condemn.
  3. Parklife

    The Cryptos

    What currencies you been continuing to buy, Q?
  4. Parklife


    Hey fatty. Mind when you spent weeks ridiculing all the "sheeple" getting the vaccine, then ran along like a good little bitch and rolled up your sleeve at the first opportunity? That was a mega-LOL. Not as funny as how much I made a fool of you the other day like but funny none the less.
  5. And the biggest of dimwits think their illogical opinion is worth sharing.
  6. Because I said trackies are for minks?
  7. Parklife


    Just pointed out a funny story about a fellow hatter to underline their lack credibility. Im sorry that you don't like that. Aye man. Just about to go out for dinner.
  8. Parklife


    Why you bringing me in to this? Weird obsession you have with me.
  9. Worth remembering that you don't know anything about me. If you want to make such judgements, I'll do likewise on you & you'll definitely lose the plot first
  10. Either are blowjobs or anal fun though.
  11. You shouldn't give a fuck because you don't know them.
  12. Doesn't make a difference to the folk getting starved to death in Yemen if folk show sympathy & compassion towards them or not either. Doesn't make a difference to a rape victim if folk show compassion and sympathy or not. Etc. Etc. What a strange attitude to have.
  13. One of the dumbest comments I've ever read. Top work man.
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