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  1. Parklife

    In The News

    Is it because women are shit? Or some other hilarious remark
  2. Parklife

    In The News

    Please do. I'll counter with many, many more men that are much more powerful. Your initial comment was nonsensical hyperbole. You and I both know that.
  3. Parklife

    In The News

    Yeah. Despite almost everyone in a position of power on the entire planet being a man, the world is "turning in the male species". Come on now, don't talk shite.
  4. Parklife

    Pet Hates

    Simon Amstel just kept reading paragraphs from her (Chantelle?) book. The boy Preston was fucking raging
  5. Parklife


    I shall not be dressing up but instead heading to some night time venues to enjoy the dressing up of 20-something year old females. @Don Fonte best venues in Inverness for such activities please?
  6. Everyone is just to believe him, despite him providing no evidence. He'd be a shite lawyer.
  7. Two disappeared in a week when they were meant to meet you for a steak. The Hat PI's best get on the case.
  8. Parklife

    In The News

    Don't worry about me. I've got a job and a house and a girlfriend and everything.
  9. I'm expecting a daily record front page on Thursday slaughtering "sick dons fans"
  10. Parklife

    In The News

    Dave Chappelle is brilliant. Funny as fuck. I've not got around to watching his newest Netflix special yet. Will try and do it tonight, before the inevitable removal sometime soon.
  11. "absolutely fucking shite " and "no one ever defend him again" No lies. An error. I thought his goal on Saturday had taken him to 6 league goals, it's only 5. 8 goals in all comps this season and it's not even november yet. A decent return, especially in a team playing shite. He's also received loads of stick, despite settling relatively quickly and contributing from the off. He gets it easier because he's doing his job - scoring goals.
  12. Yeah man. It was. Nothing has offended me. Just think your attempts to rewrite history is weird. Plenty folk, yourself included, were calling him shite ("absolutely fucking shite" in your case), so I'm not sure why you're claiming otherwise.
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