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    If the bbc doesn't cover it, Sky will.
  2. The one you've mentioned plus 4 & 11 on here. https://greatist.com/move/stretches-for-tight-shoulders#Its-more-than-just-your-shoulders
  3. Mr Miyagi give you it, Dayts san?
  4. Parklife

    In The News

    He sounds like the kinda guy who thinks he's hilarious. While everyone actually just thinks he's a prick.
  5. Nothing to do with the technique caused it. Simply focussing too much on push movements & not enough on pulls.
  6. Whilst I appreciate the assistance. Despite appearances otherwise, I can work google, dad. Was more looking for some real life experience of another gym enthusiast who may have had to overcome similar adversity in the pursuit of a sculpted V-shaped back.
  7. Anyone else ever had poor shoulder mobility. The range of motion in one of my shoulders in particular is really poor. Also hurts like fuck when I try pull-ups. Been doing some stretches to try and improve it and fix the issue but it's a slow process. Actually managed some wide-grip pull downs this morning though, so hopefully I'm on the right road. Anyone got any experience of something similar.
  8. Parklife

    In The News

    I've far from read most of either of their works but I think that's the case with many great writers. The ability to identify and explore human traits through their characters and plot lines is a huge part of what can enable the reader relate to the writing. To relate the people exhibiting these traits to our lived experience. It makes us pull for, or against, the characters. It can make us feel and that's what any great piece of art should do.
  9. Fair enough. I guess we have different barometers of what's okay and what isn't then.
  10. Parklife

    In The News

    O, wad some Power the giftie gie usTo see oursels as others see us!
  11. Of course. It'd give us an unfair advantage, just like it'd give the glasgow 2 an unfair advantage.
  12. Parklife

    In The News

    You're probably right.
  13. Parklife

    In The News

    I know that. Just ones from MHD & MAD
  14. Parklife

    In The News

    We did. Well his Coronation film anyway. I don't know much else about his work tbh. Would have to look in to him.
  15. Parklife

    In The News

    Fair enough. Maybe I misinterpreted them as that.
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