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  1. I knew that. It's also not a "woman's right to choose" as ot has to have a medical reason and be signed off by two doctors. It's widely abused though.
  2. 1) Utter nonsense. You forget I was having to live on universal credit not that long ago and saw first hand how fucked the system is. I remember posting in detail about it on here and getting told to "stop whinging" I have a child, why would I be against family friendly policies. I resent paying taxes because the system is unfair and the money is spunked away by a government I don't support, not because I don't want people to get child benefit of whatever. You've just dreamt that up to suit your argument. 2) Did I not say quite recently that I've changed my opinion on immigration. Another thing you've conveniently ignored to suit your argument. 3) More completely made up nonsense and actually a different type of person would take great offence to considering you are aware of why I actually do object to abortion. You are playing to the gallery and twisting things to make me appear something I am not. 4) I am allowed to object to something for my own reasons without it meaning I'm telling them what to do. I'm not outside an abortion clinic, I'm not campaigning for the law to change but I think it is a horrible, cruel, barbaric practice and the world would be a better place if it didn't exist. I really am going to leave this now because the post I have just quoted has sealed for me that you are an obnoxious wee prick with a nasty streak who I have no time for anymore. I used to quite enjoy a bit back and forth with you but on this subject you've shown yourself up I'm afraid.
  3. You clearly are. Children who could live outside the womb are "aborted" You think this is a good thing, worth defending, and are happy to hurl abuse at people who disagree with this practice What this has to do with me thinking vaccine passports were a bad idea only you know but you carry on with your hypocrite chat, it's all you've got clearly.
  4. Men with a bit of integrity then clearly. Unlike yourself revelling in the killing of children whilst claiming others 'lack empathy'
  5. Agree with on what? I've no issue with any of them BTW but apart from CS I didn't see any of them chipping in on abortion. Is this you protecting again? It's interesting you have went down the route of making snidey wee insinuations rather than just saying what you mean.
  6. Like I say I can't be arsed going through it again. Failing to acknowledge glaring factual errors in your argument while claiming to pay attention to the other side of an argument means you are a haver though.
  7. Cba going through it again. It was pointed out to you plenty.
  8. I don't hate it Bluts I just see it for what it is.
  9. Bullshit. The other night you made two incorrect claims and not only did you not acknowledge them you doubled down on them. You are completely disinterested in "the other side" and are utterly convinced you are right and that that makes you a better person.
  10. It's not all about government though Parky. Trade plays a part, aren't we always lectured about putting up barriers to trade? Us in EU and RUK out will do exactly that. Currency, borders, identity, all play a part. The majority of my life hasn't had an Etonian as PM. It's a daft argument, as daft as being against indy because you "don't like Nicola Sturgeon"
  11. We're in the middle of a climate emergency ffs. Get some perspective
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