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    Can't be real if it was in the Daily Mail
  2. I take it back buzz that looks good. I see now that the tattie and onion were to stand the skewers up in. You could've just chucked the chicken in the oven though.
  3. Aye never noticed that. Disregard
  4. Do you kip the night in Auld Reekie then Hanzoid?
  5. Aye sounds about right. I'm not at my sharpest today.
  6. Me? I think he's just being a grumpy cunt.
  7. I think he's grumpy today. In trouble with the bird I'll wager.
  8. The Boars Rock amongst others. Proper pubs.
  9. Not last yesterday you wouldn't. I'm a reduced character now though. I think I've permanently reduced my brain capacity.
  10. I love you Buzz but it looks like you've put lots of chicken on top of a potato then put a raw onion on top. That's not a kebab.
  11. Retaining a title is always harder than winning it in the first place.
  12. POTY year or not, my head is fucking splitting the day. Proper man's drinking was being done yesterday. None of this poofy wine/HEIPA in colourful cans just good, honest beer and whisky. Even Parky the jakey would've struggled.
  13. Are you on drugs? It looks fucking bizarre.
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