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  1. manboobs109


    Exactly. Same as a big fat peely wally Dundonian isn't suited to bumbling about jungles or deserts or whatever they have in Somalia, desperately trying to find a carvery. Let's all just fucking stay in our own bits. Save the planet n'that innit.
  2. manboobs109


    Common misconception about me. I'm a humanist. I just think we should all stay in our own countries. I'd be well chuffed if yer Africans and yer Asians were all thriving.
  3. manboobs109


    It's not a theory it's a fact. We're vaccinating kids who have next to no chance of serious illness from covid and exposing them to known and unknown side effects so that it will POSSIBLY "slow the spread" and help protect older people who have already had their own vaccine. All the while leaving poorer people in other countries die from it.
  4. manboobs109


    Why does it have to include children if the chances of them getting ill are so tiny?
  5. manboobs109


    They do indeed Hanzoid. Ones tested for years and for diseases that affect them.
  6. 25% of "offshore wind power resources" isn't the same as 25% of Europe's wind as Parky claimed
  7. manboobs109


    You stick to masterbating about your own squalid desires and don't concern yourself with the sex lives of consenting adults.
  8. Don't mock wind power. We've got 25% of Europe's wind dontcha know.
  9. manboobs109


    If you can't keep your saliva in your own mouth you shouldn't be allowed out the house, covid or not.
  10. Boy next to me had a bottle of JD which was sound. Had an Irish Bovril.
  11. I missed Gervais to go to that game. Poor choice.
  12. manboobs109


    Something stinks about it all Crashy, that cannot be denied.
  13. I've got family in Birmingham, visited them for the first time in a few years in the summer there. Their street looked totally different, apparently cunts are buying houses, knocking them down then rebuilding big huge things with no gardens. Generally ethnic types. Strange place.
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