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  1. That's because they use bread that is super enhanced with all sorts of preservatives, same with the meat. We have a vending service at work and they have sandwiches that are a month old..no mold. Of course only the daft Trumpkins eat such shit
  2. Oregon Red


    USA has some great backwoods music. And yeah i am old enough I would
  3. Oregon Red


    A lot of cunts on here are on par with the pathetic yellow spay skin Trump. Its sad
  4. Oregon Red


    When i first went to a pow-wow in Oregon with my kid i was scared. After all we had fucked these good folks so much. But we spent the day..it was awesome. The people so nice. But the drum..constantly..the beat. Like a drug.
  5. She is very interested. She would have slapped you and moved on if she want, fat chicks are best for anal..in my experience
  6. Oregon Red


    Austin is liberal democrat territory Surrounded be the equivalent of Aberdeenshire mongs with guns
  7. Oregon Red


    THey usually end up killing their children, because they are dumb. Progressives like me are fully armed we don't fetishize them. I have several. The first Civil War..the rednecks were on top at first then we regular folks destroyed them . Would be the same here.. or we can give them their nation and allow virus after virus to grow..they hate science so it would be cool
  8. Oregon Red


    Do they? To your average redneck? Dude i really enjoy your posts. But the USA is now a broiling mess..headed towards civil war. Because the retards loved a old guy with cheap tan spray. We have them in Oregon but they know they need us to travel to their worthless fly specked places top spend our money
  9. Oregon Red


    Saw them in Atlanta same tour. Good newly married days,
  10. Oregon Red


    Man you have never been here/ My old off road was a lifted 5.7 V8 Burb. I still kept my knowledge and love of learning. Rednecks are the same level as Afghani retards. Worthless, And on welfare
  11. Oregon Red


    Texas is full of dumb ass rednecks. Man they are far worse than the BLM types ( my daughter) . Just white savages with no knowledge. Thailand is better looking now
  12. Oregon Red


    Britain is totally shite and this sums it up. One of the reasons i moved to the USA..which is also turns out to be even more shite. Maybe my Thai girlfriend is right we need to move back to fuckin Bangkok;
  13. We just need to start signing. Or is the same old shit no signings until we ae out of Europe as usual
  14. Teddy Jenks. Young England international at Brighton. Supposedly an attacking midfielder
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