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  1. well lets hope this is the start of a run. Played well mostly
  2. This is why Glass should have a defender from the youth team on the bench.
  3. Ebbe was generally a nice likeable guy. Even in his first terrible season were we ended up bottom. There was 2 cup finals. His next season was an improvement.
  4. totally disjointed performance all over the park. There is no management really
  5. well as expected a poor showing from the Dons. Toothless up front.
  6. Oregon Red

    In The News

    fantastic! Was just watching a Carter video of Sheriff Fatman the other day! One of my favourite groups back in the day
  7. I really enjoyed that second half. Need to play like that all the time!
  8. Was a horrible decision by the ref. VAR saved the day.
  9. I think Glass is done. Try Broon as manager for the rest of the season ( not player manager)
  10. Was watching The Timbers last night , good win, and to me Glass is trying to play MLS type football( badly). Will never work in Scotland.
  11. Jesus what a mess. Glass has no idea how to set up a team. I cant see him lasting long. Hopefully
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