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  1. I dunno. My 19 my 19 old daughter is over in Scotland now and loving it. Says she wants to go to Uni in Aberdeen. Only the dumb asses believe Braveheart was more than a fairy tale
  2. That is pretty good. OK if i use this to educate my Oregon chums on Northern Soul?
  3. Aye that would make more sense
  4. What nae celebrating the Platinum Jubilee? Jesus
  5. You would be surprised how much of this is taken serious here. Deadly serious.
  6. Cruz is the most miserable pissant of a man . But thew Texas cunts lap his shit up
  7. Yeah the stupid polite thing. Idiots. But i think fully 33% of the American public are fully retarded. Facebook this was for sale next to my favorite bar..
  8. That is the perceived wisdom in Republican circles. It never really works but it gives them comfort. I am armed but i dont make a thing about carrying it around. A lot of democrats are like that. The Trumpers..its everything to them a religion.
  9. Bunch of macho Trumptards mostly. Like the gear and swagger, but are in it for themselves. Same as my town.
  10. For a smaller city they had some awesome SWAT gear. Armored car , automatic weapons..like Salem where i live when the SWAT guys move in they even have mortars. They had 40% of the whole city budget. And loads of ex military hardware..they fuckin blew it. Cowardly bastards..
  11. Dreadful stuff again. Defence is just in chaos. Attack is toothless. Two relegation zone teams.
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