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  1. Not many would and that's the point. Cormack has re-structured the whole football operation and put in his guys. Even if Glass goes relatively quickly he's just the beginning. There's more that needs rooted out aswell.
  2. I agree. In all honesty i wouldn't even give him Wednesday. My problem is that who do we get that will want to work under Cormack? Was quite obvious McInnes hated working under him and Glass is just a footpad. What sort of manager would sign up to working under him and a complete novice DoF? A wouldn't want to that's for sure. Keep seeing Alex Neil name mentioned. I don't think there's a cat in hells chance he'd work under Data Dave.
  3. Failure to win the game on Wednesday should see the end of this experiment. My gut feeling is that Cormack will stick to his guns. Especially if Brown and McGeouch are out. He'll trot out the "no other team has the amount of injuries we do. Once we have our full team back we'll see results pick up". This is just getting embarrassing now.
  4. I don't think it's us that's cut it short. I remember reading an article after he signed which suggested we paid a hefty loan fee for Longstaff. Think it was along the lines of £200k or something. Add on top of that any wages of his we are paying it's been another expensive clusterfuck.
  5. All of that easily conceivable aswell unfortunately. Especially if we don't get any defenders back.
  6. Which it could be if we are honest. Celtic going forward are very good. Maybe still a bit suspect defensively but it's not like we have the quality to exploit it. Ross County and Dundee both at home on Saturday. Should they both pick up points that's us even closer to the bottom. Ok they are playing Motherwell and Dundee United but being at home they'll fancy their chances. Should St Johnstone draw with hibs they'll go above us aswell. Cormack might not sack him on the back of that result but if we take a complete pumping and end up further down the league than we started then a lot of fans that are already on Glass' back are only going to be more vocal about it aren't they?
  7. All the teams below us have a game in hand. Hibs on the same points currently and they have 2 games in hand. We will be further down the league come Sunday night. Then Data Davie has a decision to make. He says he's a shrewd businessman. It's not shrewd to throw money at Glass in Jan to try and sort it. Punt the useless cunt into a dinghy in the North Sea and take the criticism on the chin and sort the fucking mess out properly
  8. It's had the complete opposite effect though hasn't it? Everyone and their dog in the media saying how Glass hasn't backed his man. Was it Iwelumo that tore him a new hole on Sportscene? If he had just come out and backed his man like he should have done rather than try to sweet talk the SFA ahead of his hearing we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  9. It's telling about the state of the club right now that the club have had to release a statement and the chairman and DoF have had to publicly back Ojo because his manager failed to do so post match. And on that post match interview why the fuck did Glass not look at the footage at full time knowing full well he'd get asked about it in the post match media.
  10. He couldn't attract fucking Clark Robertson . What chance have we got of trying to attract some much needed quality?
  11. So many fans on SM saying we can't get on Glass' back and need to back him as he has so many defenders out. We had all our defenders bar Considine available when we went on our worst run for how many fucking years? MacKenzie, Ramsay, Gallagher, Bates all available during that run. Conveniently forgotten by them.
  12. Who would want to come to a team in Jan that is going nowhere? If a player we wanted to sign done their homework on us there's no way they would sign up surely? A manager on a 12 month contract that the fans want rid of, a team that doesn't win games and no hope of European football (which let's be honest has been the main attraction for players the past few years) would you sign for us? I doubt i would. Unless they offered silly money. At which point Cormack would have completely lost the plot.
  13. Get this fucking useless cunt out now. Throwing Ojo under the bus in his post match media and blaming his "indiscipline" saying it cost us today is a sackable offence in itself. He's absolutely fucking clueless.
  14. The only one that's bad luck is Considine. Ramsay and Gallagher both hamstring injuries i think? Mackenzie injured in training and now it looks like another injury in training. Could it be argued that we haven't looked after Ramsay appropriately and he's been injured as he's been overplayed. He's 18 and whilst he is probably our most important player he needs looked after. Gallagher barely had any game time before picking up his injury. Time to write this season off if we hadn't already.
  15. I genuinely can't remember a time when we've had this many injuries in one area of the pitch. Considine, Gallagher, Ramsay, Mackenzie and now maybe Bates. It's a bit laughable. Considine aside as that was purely down to that cabbage patch of a pitch.
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