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  1. Livi announced 2 on Friday i think it was. Somebody from Belgium and a player from Australia. St Mirren have agreed pre contracts with Carson from Dundee United, Mark O'Hara from Motherwell and somebody from Australia aswell.
  2. I couldn't add any more to that list. I thought Polvara done well today in the 1st half. I'd happily see the back of Watkins aswell tbh. He was one i thought i'd like to keep. But recently he's offered less than fuck all so i'd happily get his wage off the bill aswell. Did Goodwin indicate after the game he was looking at strengthening every area? He'll need more than 6. But we definitely need at least 6 quality signings. And i don't include loans in them. I suspect we'll see McGrath pitch up on loan. Not sure about Ronan. Wolves will likely see Hearts as a better option for him with European football. He'd walk into their midfield.
  3. I'm not comparing the ability of the 2! Ffs. I'm saying it's that type of player we need. Midfield is too soft just now. And i also don't think a midfield with Barron and McCrorie in it would work either.
  4. A player that does the same job as Gogic. Or a Shinnie type if you like that comparison better. We need to get back to having a midfield like Shinnie and McLean. Barron could possibly do the McLean type but he has to have more of a goal threat (although he has been unlucky with a few from 25 yards).
  5. We need a Gogic type player but there will be far better options out there than signing Gogic
  6. He wasn't on trial according to an article. Orlando have a swedish player who is a friend of his so was just using training facilities.
  7. He certainly has. And said there are numerous reasons that they haven't been announced. Like players don't want dropped from current club etc. He forgot the biggest issue. There's none agreed.
  8. Name the international side then. Bit more exciting to be linked with a player from a decent international side rather than somebody that's an international for Bermuda or St Lucia.
  9. The name of an international player has already been dropped today. So let me guess...Ogbene.
  10. More than likely. Mini's credability in tatters if it does indeed turn out to be shite though
  11. These 2 players certainly spund interesting. We certainly need a centre half that's both good in the air and quick. Well we need 3 in all honesty but i'll take this guy for starters. The wing back seems very highly rated aswell. Inevitible we'll look to Ireland aswell this summer as it's a market Goodwin knows very well and had relative success from it. Rumour season now starting to kick off. All we need now is to find out who the 3 players are that we have been consistently told have signed pre contracts...
  12. Would hardly be bringing down the average age of the squad . He must be well into his 30s aswell now.
  13. This all roots back to Cormack. Every single fucking bit of it. The sooner he fucks off the better. And i don't really want to hear the "but who will fund the club". FFS there will be plenty of people who would want to buy the club. Just get tipex teeth out the fucking door rip the whole club apart from top to bottom and start again. Under Cormack we are going absolutely fucking nowhere. I get he has piled in cash. But he could have done that whilst taking a back seat and realising his expertise isn't in running football clubs. Football clubs and software companies are different animals. His ego has well and truly fucked us. I reckon we are probably 3 years away from having any sort of team that right now could challenge for anything. Absolutely shocking leadership.
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