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  1. She says nowhere. Charles Sq is all fireworks and broken glass. Sounds a laugh at least. check out goout.cz and mentioned some place called duplex might be ok
  2. Can’t remember the names of any places, but there is a scout bar bang in the centre of the old town that has ace views and cheap beers. If you can’t find anywhere for Hogmanay online I can ask a couple of cunts I ken.
  3. Redforever86


    Enjoying snickers currently.
  4. I have 7 blue nuns in the cellar. its fucking freezing doon there.
  5. https://www.endclothing.com/gb/saucony-shadow-6000-s70595-1.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=saucony-shadow-6000-s70595-1_facebook
  6. Expert level: Get wanked aff by an Indian cementer.
  7. Aye, first game I’ve turned aff this season, turned it back on when we made it 2-1. Wish I hadn’t.
  8. Yir daughters getting embarrassed to be seen wi yi?
  9. How many new folk become junkies these days, surely nae that many. Isn't it more a case of the older folk dying off (albeit at a still fairly young age) than new users being created? That area around Dens is fucking rough like.
  10. No one is saying it'll change the city over night, but it's a start and it's already put Dundee back on the map to a certain degree. Better than fuck all anyway. There's fucking heaps of tourists come to Scotland, if it can even become a top 20 attraction post Covid it'll bring plenty money to the city.
  11. The V&A certainly influenced my decision to go to Dundee. I then spent money in it's cafe, a few different restaurants, bars, a hotel, and I think I gave a small donation at the McManus Art Gallery too.
  12. Nah he mentioned you and the twins and the 5 month old. Most entertaining part of that shite.
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