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  1. One time there was a power cut up in Invernesh Donny boy had to wank over a slowly defrosting packet of aunties Bessies by candle light, the dirty nymph just needed any image of a female he'd shag sober to help him get his rocks off. It's an addiction the peer cunt would shag a golf hole on a rainy day.
  2. About half the country is owned by trust funds and elite cunts, happy to let us live in slums while they use the land for going shooting and carbon credits. LOL.
  3. I've got three quines including two fae the EU here working for free. I just think it's common sense because it seems brexit is a fucking joke.
  4. Wouldn't waste your time with these fat cunts, they will be dead by the time we get a referendum again (it won't be 2023).
  5. I see you have already accepted the transition and started switching to German spellings. Great to have you on our side at last.
  6. Redforever86

    Spiken Sh*t

    Are you going to let him talk to you like that?
  7. Redforever86

    In the News

    That’s what the girl who had an abortion said
  8. If you don’t take the glass to the bar how else do you glass her?
  9. Redforever86

    In the News

    I meant with you, you zoomer.
  10. His shooting is pish, only his pens and in the air is he good. Even his free kicks have been crap lately. There’s a great player in there somewhere hopefully Goodwin can help him fulfil his potential.
  11. Yon eh eh eh fit yi caas her eh eh yellow eh sweet wee hing.. Bellin heit
  12. Must o spilt a zubr on his laptop. Ah no
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