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  1. Redforever86

    In The News

    Serves you right for inviting them in “to see my new PS5 and eat Hershey’s”
  2. Redforever86

    In The News

    A lot of the folk currently killing themselves will be from Moobs and Hanz’s generations also. Therefore looking at current educational practices is quite simplified.
  3. Poodles is trying to find photos of her aged 18 to wank over.
  4. The money was buried on the river beach they said. I reckon he lived. He was very experienced.
  5. That’s enough you two.
  6. Redforever86


    Yir a semi skimmed AK.
  7. It’s hard to see him, he’s covered in fucking tattoos.
  8. I heard he stopped breathing.
  9. Redforever86


    I worked in a bookies, believe it or not many have you daft prick.
  10. Think you need another break.
  11. Heard he violently fisted your wife’s hairy arsehole to then jizz in it’s gaping cavity, for you, then to suck it all out like a gimp in the disabled toilets at Asda Middleton Park.
  12. Don’t joke about people being friends with Tory scum. Serious shit.
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