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  1. “The left side”. “ The right side”. “ The left side”.
  2. Absolutely, because the establishment only want the ugly sisters to be competitive..
  3. Jack Ross should do the decent thing after this and stay on as UTDs manager
  4. UTD Stop it please ! just stop it now ! I swear to god I’m going to wet my breeks.
  5. There’s only one UTD. and that’s the FKn biscuit
  6. Welcome, loon & loan. Keep them coming
  7. I may have missed something ( nothing new there ) but why were we not wearing the new red strip at home yesterday,both teams in their away kits
  8. Could he even do that without tripping over his ane feet and spilling
  9. Brilliant ironicly my cousin Kevin was a good fullback
  10. “modern possession tippy tappy bollocks” correct 15 tippy tippy go fkn direct
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