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  1. You must be one of the most mentally deficient posters ever on here, which is some achievement.
  2. Another season of nice lads with no grit. I don't want us to play like St Johnstone did midweek, but we need some nous and determination.
  3. Saw that tit in the Griffin in Glasgow one afternoon talking very loudly about how they were getting "TEN GRAND" to play some festival in Poland. No one gave a shit.
  4. Had a major say in us winning 40% of our league matches, frighteningly enough. Could have been relegated with out him, certainly in the play off place.
  5. Saints have been like Uruguay '86 tonight, and we've pretty much just taken every rotten tackle like a bullied school boy. Weak in mind and body.
  6. Montgomery unable to control the ball every time he receives it by, about, 3 feet.
  7. He's on his heels while Henry strolls on to a ball 7 yards out unchallenged...
  8. Don't worry we'll soon iron out the problems so far this season. I hate Bates, I hate them all in fact.
  9. Goodwin might fancy 60 minutes himself.
  10. Is that all? Maybe he should drive you home after the match too.
  11. With a success rate of around 1 in 4 with new signings, we only really need to sign 36 players to be back up the top of the league. Busy summer ahead.
  12. Not travelled today to Easter Road, signed for Liverpool.
  13. I'll wash his dirty clothes for years, but make him pick them up. That'll show him who's boss. Wot a ledg.
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