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  1. Is that enough of a pedigree? Might need to have a trial first.
  2. @thedandydon Setting this up again for next season? Don't want to steal your thunder and start it myself.
  3. Can drive a super tanker through the middle of their centre halves as well.
  4. chest exercises to decrease breast size
  5. JET spent most of the night up top as a 2. Despite his jokey manner, Steve Tosh on Redtv correctly pointed out that Haken got back into the match after the 3rd goal when JET dropped deeper, leaving Ramirez isolated. After they scored JET was pushed right back up front and we took control again. A mix of 442 and 4132.
  6. Really not getting the Ojo love in either. He was good going forward- kind of. His totally basic football nous when spotting danger was terrible. Shirked out of challenges, and was very badly positioned against his opposite number multiple times. Can't wait for him to leave.
  7. G31DON


    "Every day I wake up and I take my medication, then I spend the rest of the day waiting for it to wear off." Always thought this was on the debut album, but it's not.
  8. G31DON


    You might like the Ethiopiques series on CD/stream Classic late 60s / early 70 Ethiopian music/Jazz. It's better than it sounds, honestly. Some fantastic guitar playing and Brass.
  9. G31DON


    Got shit to do??? Stick on Led Zep II and it is done in 20 odd mins, then sit back and enjoy Moby Dick and Bring it on Home. WOOOOOOOOOFFFF
  10. G31DON


    Vodka bar classic gig. Nice guy, had a chat after the gig when I said Soledad Brothers were amazing, he said "they're my backing band" and I said drunkenly, shut up. Went and got his album cover and sure enough they are his backing band.
  11. G31DON


    When she controls her unreal voice, what a thing of beauty it is. Amazing
  12. G31DON


    He's been the same since 1963, doing his creepy spider dance.
  13. G31DON


    "I still remember thinking how lovely it could be to hold you for eternity, or at least until you fell asleep." heartbreaker
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