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  1. hats off to anyone that can be bothered to go to every game at the moment, 1 game & i cant be fucked with it for a few weeks
  2. Drama queen, it's Shite but not that shite
  3. hopefully, i won a lot off of the last 1
  4. Junkie Minks are getting Annihilated today 3-1 due to a hun ref penalty
  5. aye i noticed after i posted, threads dont half go off on tangents
  6. ok he joined us injured & he did look good when he came into the team but times up the clubs stood by him & gave him more chances to prove his fitness than he should have got
  7. seriously need to spoil this fucking party today
  8. to be fair its fallen on every team/manager the guy has ever played for, he's just happy half arseing his way through life
  9. aye just need someone good to get on the end of them
  10. off topic sorry just clicked on Joe Lewis, fucking hell he dropped £8k a week to come to us
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