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  1. anyone with a name like that is gonna try harder to prove a point
  2. can Cormack afford this experiment not to work? pretty obvious Glass was gonna be his man since we started this american love in but im not worried that its gonna be as bad as McGhee's tenure
  3. aye, how does he know for sure? collars n cuffs surely dont match
  4. Toonsers have let the city get taking over with huns & tims, wouldnt happen in the shire, Local team for local ppl
  5. a change of captain would help as well, its not done Lewis any favours imho
  6. think everyone likes the idea of staying where we are rather than moving but my initial concern is what the Council are looking to get out of the deal at Kingsford it would be likely we would have to borrow money to fund the build (loan/mortgage) which until its paid off possibly will impact the playing budget but if the council are putting money into this would they be looking for money every year which means will will never be free from their clammy grip cant see them doing it for nothing in return
  7. McCrorie got a sell on seeing we got him on the cheap? if thats the case im quite happy for him to leave for nothing or a swop deal
  8. time to step up & sort out this interloper or give it up
  9. could be worse! imagine how unpopular a weegie that is a Torie supporter is wonder who huns vote for? pro unionists would lean to vote for them
  10. im 50 for 17 more days pretty sure we're in the majority
  11. Zander1903

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    i'd love a go of that, thin steven segal used to be into shit like that
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