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  1. about time the hat had a seat on the board, a non-executive board member would allow the AFCCHAT point of view put to the board. its pretty obvious they all lurk on here anyways
  2. Started well but my take is he starting to get fed up already when he signed i half expected to see him kicking the arse out of our players who are under performing
  3. he's a good performer for us since he joined, not now
  4. glass could have been taken in a number 2 with a experienced manager, as a reserve coach he's shown nothing to prove he has it to be the main man so far
  5. he's not going to get the big move he wants playing like this
  6. if he played for the tims or huns it would be £20m
  7. defence need to play as a unit, does not help if defenders dont trust the keeper & vice versa
  8. i know it wont happen but it would be interesting to see who was on this list that made Glass the best man for the job surely this job would have been tempting for experienced managers
  9. could be time for a transgender lesbian to be put in charge, seems to be the way the world is heading ticks all the boxes
  10. winning is a habit to install into a team no matter who you are playing can say its only a training game but with our "squad" 3 points should be a minimum against low level teams
  11. aye its usually us that get screwed at the death
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