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  1. I wouldn't let them get their way. Play out of your skin and drum up interest that matches what we know you're worth, or stay till your contract is up. You want away? The better you play, then the sooner that'll happen. (Can't set a negative precedent.)
  2. (I see what you did there.) We've yet to be able to field our best XI. Hedges out for our last (winless) six, where I put a lot of the blame for that on the 7 changes v Raith. Agree that (a so far average) Gallagher and (a so far unimpactfull) Longstaff haven't deserved to keep their places. Bates should have started v Well. Strolled it when he came on. Watkins will be a miss. Looking for: - 3 points (obviously) any way we can get them - a clean sheet - JET to run his ass off (I know, I know) - Samuels to open his account 2 - 0 The Dons
  3. He's our Henry Kissinger. Always in the shadows pulling the strings.
  4. We're playing a different formation each time depending on which player has the ball in which part of the park. We are going for the perpetual shapeshifting changeling tactic. Motherwell will have no idea, but it won't matter as it's too complicated for us to pull off. Can see us getting caught out.
  5. How could he play 560 games for Aberdeen and be selected to a Scotland squad (and starting XI) that qualified for our first tournament in 23 years without being a very good footballer? Why did we (knowledgeable fans) think, after the goal in Baku, "Andy would have dealt with that"? And why, after McCrorie gave away the second in the return leg, did we (knowledgeable fans) think "wish Andy was playing instead"?
  6. GAME DAY!!! Samuels (speedy runs) Watkins (hold up/creativity) and (finishing) Ramirez up front, please. Longstaff joining in. Ramsay and MacKenzie providing service out wide. All out attack!!! Dons to score 4 or 5.
  7. Potential is subjective. Even at 34 most would have preferred a healthy Considine to play v Qarabag instead of a 23 year old McCrorie. Anyway, I just picked McCrorie off the top of my head. (Considine has been better than Bates, too.) Starfelt, then. Ambrose... You can't say Celtic haven't had their bombscares. I never went back a decade. (Sevco haven't been around that long.) Sevco, despite having the second largest budget in the league for their entire 9 year history, have only one trophy to show for it. Considine wouldn't have looked out of place in any of their sides was my point. And what about Celtic's central defenders last season? We split Sevco and Celtic twice 'over the last few years' (but we're not talking about where teams finished. We're talking about a specific player.) Considine should have been called up 5 years ago. Not his fault he wasn't selected by Strachan, or whoever. Not trying to. Just giving my opinion. We disagree. Andy Considine is a very good footballer.
  8. So Considine wouldn't be on a par with (say) Ross McCrorie? Or any Sevconian centre halves from 2012 - 2019 (who won nothing)? Or (say) the centre halves that Lennon recently left Celtic with (and other teams knew to target)? To put this in perspective... Despite a call up that was 5 years late, he never let Scotland down once!!! Quite remarkable that he's remained in Aberdeen's starting XI more than 6 years after his actual testimonial.
  9. Minutes played in senior football is a good starting point, yes. We won't know the total until it all unfolds, but 3M plus another potential 3M in add ons, and then a sell on. On 23 September 2020, McKenna moved to EFL Championship side Nottingham Forest for an undisclosed fee.[19] The fee was confirmed by Aberdeen as a "club-record fee"[20] reported as a £3 million fee that could rise to £6 million.
  10. "I took a bad touch and he's just lunged at me, nowhere near the ball, smashed me and then I got the ball smacked off the back of my head from whatshisname... [Shay] Logan... or whatever he was," Brown recalls. "He smacked the ball off the back of my head and did a runner as he usually does. "All the crowd were cheering, so I got back up. 'Here we go again, nice and fresh'. It's just something I do. I get hit and I get up and go again. I enjoy the fight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had/have absolutely no problem with Logan showing disrespect to Brown and Celtic opposition in that game in 2018. We could have used more of that in our squad throughout the years. I'm not into revisionist history. What was good then is still good today.
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