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  1. Never saw this angle before, so thought I'd post in case others hadn't seen it either.
  2. Goal of the Season - My write-in vote would be Scott Brown v Sevco at Ayebrokes. Easily my favourite goal this season. Player of the Year - Probably McCrorie. Honourable mention: Ramirez (Young Player of the Year - Barron)
  3. 0-4 Ramirez, Watkins, Vinny, and one of either Bates or Gallagher.
  4. Would you have taken him over McLellan, though?
  5. He clearly did. Keepers going the wrong way is nothing new.
  6. I believe you are missing 'the point'.
  7. Harsh to count the pens against him (and I'm sure he misses/missed Considine, Hayes and McCrorie).
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