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  1. They never got back to being as good as AB but ATYCLB is a great album. Others also. Bad is possibly the greatest tune ever
  2. I'll beat you at you at pool for them! Pool without a bet is boring
  3. AB is fantastic! There are some brilliant songs in the latter albums but when you've made JT and AB... ....
  4. Aye. Underated. Not sure why. Maybe because JT is masterpiece
  5. From town but live away at the moment. Back every few weeks though. So anytime. Haven't played a game for almost a year now. Driving down the day. Dug out my Morcheeba collection for the drive then straight to pub
  6. I would say I'm above average myself. In town tomorrow night. Pint at the Masada then pool? PM me if up for it.
  7. @Misers Hill Any good at pool? Where is the best place to play in town? Proper pub pool tables. Not the shite American tables
  8. skye_don

    The Cryptos

    Dollar cost averaging and HODL is my approach also. Not through my skill, just what I ended up doing over time. Only have BTC and ETH. It's volatile as fuck though.
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